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  1. Vivienne Schell wrote: I thought this Forum is about Second Life? Please go to the Autodesk and Blender forums and ask the people there to add a "Second Life" section. Well this is the Mesh creation section, so expect people to talk about workflow related stuff and their request to get this part of the forums a lil bit more structured. I am wondering that after over 6 months there is still no sticky with at least the links to the office hours transskripts so people at least got the chance to get updates on whats going on before they repeat the same questions over and over again, just c
  2. Gotcha, yeah the import still reacts somewhat critical if you don't take care for scaling your model SL ready before uploading, strechting ISL still results in some strange behaviour, might take them a while till they look into that.
  3. Please add some more Sections to this forum. This section of the forum is going to become more and more time wasting with parsing threads for something important. At least some kind of undersection for the different 3D applications Blender, Max and Maya would be appreciated. Some general Questions and some Random Section as well.
  4. *chuckles* If you find blender complicated, try one of the other. blenders problem is just the GUI and the nonconform keyboard layout it uses, comes with blender being developed by coders and not by designers that actually need to work with it.
  5. Hey there just is no official Skeleton from LL out there. The most reliable source for now is to start from the official + blend files and import your model from there and just fix the typical porting issue works quite nice. What nice about the blender avatar file is that it stores all the weights for the base avatar already and sometimes I find myself to just transfere them as well, so I don't have to waste that much time to draw an entire new weight map in Maya. Anyway, since LL doesn't really care to set standards themself by introducing a Next Gen Avatar Base and a much more flexible bone
  6. Fill a jira if it is a consitent problem you can repeat with more than just on rigged mesh and support them with as much informations you got. Mesh project isn't final yet, so don't expect everything to work.
  7. Yep you babbled to much, pic would have been enough The jointsize of the imported rig is just to big. Maya Menu - Display -> Animation -> Joint Size...
  8. Utilizator Mode wrote: so yeah, does anybody know where i can download the older versions of the mesh project viewer? nothing i download from the sl wiki lets me log in, tells me i need to download 3.0, is there a way to bypass this? You should always use the latest version of the importer. Jumping back to an by now outdated version just cause it worked back then doesn't mean it would be a fix. What kind of software do you run and do you use for exporting your meshes? Maya 2012 user have reported issues with the build in DAE plugin that wouldn't be supported by the SL importer since its bas
  9. It was pretty much the last thing that charlie did mention at the end of the OH that the aditi mesh sandboxes would be disabled tonight and most of them are gone since last friday, its pretty much just the center core that was still available earlier today. Not sure how it is right now I am locked in a constant login crash cycle with the lastest development build atm. [13:06] Charlie (chalar.linden) remember - mesh sandboxes go away this evening! I don't really like the idea of not at least one mesh exclusive sandbox at all. There are some kind of tests i rather wanna do in a dedicated
  10. Gaia Clary wrote: Poenald Palen wrote: Does one LOD only (as proposed by Ms. Clary) mean a user can not use the sliders or debug settings to lower the LOD of that object? I bet that will not fly at all lol. But, I understand the streaming time would be far more desirable for 95% of users! But well, you are right... We should look on LOD in terms of "User adjusted resource settings". It makes a whole lot of sense to supply more LOD, such that users with lower performance computers still can have a decent look&feel. While users with high performing computers might want to set their Re
  11. Gaia Clary wrote: I think (if i understood all your points correctly), that SH-2211 covers most of what you propose: Yep. As I mentioned it with this thread I just wanna gather some feedback about LOD usage in general and if the mesh streaming could be optimized in some ways. Regarding rendering of objects with only one (high) LOD: As far as i understand occluded objects will NOT be rendered. So if your furniture is inside a house, and your camera is outside (and you are not looking into the room through a window) then your furniture will NOT be rendered and does not add to the rende
  12. Now that the first creators that didn't take part in the beta testing got their hands on the mesh project and started to work with what LL has been working on for so long, I would like to take the chance to gather some feedback on the LOD system in a more general way. As I think some finetuning and a lil brainstorming might help to ease the streaming costs some more now that we the creators and LL finally got hands on some more valuable numbers of assets and can start to evaluate them in a more realistic environment than sandbox testing. First of all I do wanna speak about the LOD switches in
  13. You got me there Drongle, to be honest made a chart for that and did detailed tests on that. Hardly to imagine someone that is interested in eyecandy would sacrifice renderVolumeLODFactor for max drawing distance *chuckles* Good to know anyway. (Not to highjack the thread I am going to start another thread as there is something that still bothers me about the LODs and I wanted to discuss it in a more general way to get some feedback from you guys.)
  14. The automatic weighting for sure is a good start if you are not used to painting weight maps on your own by now. So you are fine with that. While uploading the mesh did you make sure to check the "Skin weight" checkbox in the Modifiers tab of the Upload Model window?
  15. Kolor Fall wrote: Thanks for the trolling steam ... as i have repeated multiple times, I have physics turned off on my object, thus that equation should not apply. *chuckles* If you think I am trolling you just stop reading and check your resources and workflows on your own rather than making statements that are just wrong. Initially i wasn't even replying to your post but to the entire physics part of the thread. My point stays valid, the PE algorithm is fine as it is. To focus a lil bit more on your problem and what helium said: Helium Loon wrote: However, the argument breaks
  16. Kolor Fall wrote: As far as I know, the equivalent cost resizing algorithm is secret. Aint that much of a secret at all. For details on the physics algorithm check: Mesh Physics and for the streaming as well as rendering cost algorithm and the shame calculation check the llvovolume.cpp. And as for the "trick" you are asking for its really to not use giant mesh builds but to cut them into small sections instead as this is the way it is meant to be.
  17. You parent it the same way as in blender 2.49 and instead of make real you hit the armatures "apply" button as shown in the pic above. might even work without applying the armature, but don't take my word on that.
  18. Its no longer called "make real" you can find it under modifiers.
  19. The PE is fine as it is. Creators just need to understand that they gotta support their own physics shape or work their way around it. Especially for large mesh builds, which are pretty much a mistake to begin with. Its much more efficient to break down mesh builds into sections. As for the physics itself noone forces creators to use LLs physics creation algorithm, which is just meant to support those that don't really care what they are actually doing. Just do your own physics if you wanna save PE. Beside that there really is no need to rely on the actual mesh based physics at all. The easi
  20. You gotta rig your mesh, which isn't supported by zBrush you gotta use a native 3D application, like blender, maya or max for it. To begin with have a look here Uploading_and_wearing a rigged mesh and here Exporting a mesh from Blender
  21. Josh Susanto wrote: What I know many people failed to realize from the start is that mesh just isn't really good for a lot of the things they had intended to use it for. During the buildup to mesh release, LL conveniently allowed people to think that practically anything would be better to make with mesh. For many, many months, I have had a really hard time trying to convince people that my own sculpties shouldn't all just be deleted to make space in people's inventories for superior mesh equivalents. Why don't you just give some examples that prove your point? The only valid point yo
  22. Romaq with what you got in mind you stay within the licence of FF itself, at any time The update that nyx posted was pretty much just related to the licence of the SL base avater mesh itself and nothing else. Since an update on the Avatars Mesh license has been requested by many creators that do rely on it for their meshes (for example adaption for clothes based on the SL Avatar) If you want to know if you are save with uploading/selling images you make with FF just read their very own licence agreement.
  23. Thanks for the link Lazy. Since they did change it to the "Usergroup" type while they were porting the forums, i def missed that information. Yet, it still would be nice if they just keep posting them in here as well, as they did in the past. Shouldn't be that hard if an official just copy and paste the transcript in here as well. Cause we all know how messed up the wiki can be.
  24. "This name is unavailable." just means that the user doesn't want the profile to be accessed over a web link. Its cause more and more people are blocking their profiles so they won't be shown over the web link, cause they find it to be a security issue if their profiles are spread allover the interweb. Especially those that use third party viewers, since they don't rely on the web based profiles at all. And beside the security concerns there are others issues with the web profiles as well, like overall speed and such. This entire web based profiles project has been rushed from the start. Jus
  25. There have been so many threads about best practices in the old forum and I am really wondering why they didn't even made it to the new version. Shouldn't be that hard to move them from the archive to this part of the forum, tho.
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