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  1. Here's a recent 1 of me in our Chub Pride undies:P
  2. well obese can look fab. Just think of it as a nice fluffy pillow, just means more of us to love:)
  3. Thought i'll leave my comment on this as well. in 1 word to answer ur question...uniqueness (if that's a word that is lol) Personally i have a thing for realism, meaning more real life like shapes i.e. u don;t see every single person on the street a next top model just popping off the catwalk to buy some milk in local superstore in rl do u. Again it;s a personal taste and one can;t really judge others for the choice of their avs, but when majority of ppl have similar body frame it kinda gets tiring and mono-tone. Isn't SL suppose to be a creative place, and with almost every1 looking sli
  4. Hey! i got moobs:P but then my av is a chub so i guess it;s normal
  5. meh welcome to the club. My main got banned for reasons unknown, LL actually never gave me a proper reason as to why they banned my account, even tho i asked still didnlt get a clear word for word answer. My account was farely old as well so yeah to answer ur question it does seem like that's how LL treats it;s long time residents now days. My simpathies to you tho. ps: sort of w8ing for them to ban this account as well by the rate they going at it...just lame that's all i have to say.
  6. Looks better now. have u considered making it out of sculpts, perhabs the texture detail will be better.
  7. We've come to know the person behind the avatar, that makes his passing even more real thus more painful to bear. I'm one of those ppl, the lives of which he touched. A loving friend and mentor i could say. He'll always be remembered and loved. /me hugs Tiger Ser.
  8. My latest attemp at skin/shape chub...still in works, ima lacking motivation since Ser's gone. The skin is actually me in rl, well the base at least and so is the texture on prims, so i guess it represent me more then ever:) Talking bout never ending process this seems like one too:P Ser's back baby! /me hugs Suspiria
  9. My avs used to be their own unique brand, usually recognized by the more real life approach shape wise (i.e. chubs)...ah the old times:mansad: Ser's back b*tches!
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