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  1. Thank you! You were right! I guess I was focusing too much on the head HUD and didn't notice a button in the body HUD under Advanced skin settings, labeled FULLBRIGHT which was on. I had no idea that was an option or why it would be on. The head doesn't seem to have that option. Anyway I turned it off and now the body and head look similar under default lighting. The default lighting isn't great but at least its now the same for body and head. Thank You!!!
  2. I am trying to set up a new mesh avatar with Catwa Bento head, Maitrea body and MILA skin and I'm finding that while I can make it look good with CaIWL Windlight lighting, when I look at it in SL Default lighting (which many newer residents still use) it looks absolutely horrible with the head skin lighting extremely different from the body skin even though the head are from the same exact skin and tone. Am I doing something wrong or is just how SL default lighting makes the avatar look? Right now, it looks like frankenstein with default SL lighting which a lot of other avatars viewers are s
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