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  1. Last 1/4th Sim available on Sim Style!! 4250L Per Week for 5000 Prims. Commercial + Residential welcome. This includes clubs! We are a private region, Mature Rating, Low lag sim. Visit Inworld http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Sim Style/212/197/26
  2. 1/4 th sim available! Could be turned into half sim if you need extra room! Mature Region, Private sim, sandy terrain. Commercial + Residential allowed. Please see the covenant on location for further information! Pricing 1/4th sim - 5000 prims - 3800L per week http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Sim Style/191/205/25 if 1/2 sim - 10,000 prims - 8000L per week If interested please contact me via IM!
  3. SayaNicole Cuttita

    1/4th Sim available

    Land available! Both on a private region. Moderate rated sim - Sandy terrain. As a renter you have full rights over your parcel. Ability to ban, teraform, set parcel settings etc. 1/4th Sim - 5000 Prims - 5000L Per Week. When you rent 1 month get 2 weeks free now through Sept 30th! Commercial + Residential welcome. Clubs are Welcome! http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Sim Style/191/205/25 Second availability, http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Sim Style/61/68/25
  4. SayaNicole Cuttita

    Is there a list of all Annual fairs, events, coutures, etc?

    seraphim will have alot of your monthly events and fairs in progress, if you want to know of fairs before they start (if you're a designer looking to apply) you can try Huntsl.com they post some of the fairs accepting applications n such on the right side twords the bottom. They also list alot of hunts
  5. SayaNicole Cuttita

    Viewer-Managed Marketplace Beta

    store is running on the new VMM and so far its working like a dream! haven't noticed any glitches yet *knocks on wood*
  6. SayaNicole Cuttita

    Store Harassment

    Linden labs is more then likely removing your items for illegal use of logos and such that are copyrighted by other business's. ((Example:: your using taco bell logo, sports logos ect)) they will continue to remove the items when they see them and at some point they will lock it from being relisted.
  7. SayaNicole Cuttita

    Help! Unable to access Merchant Outbox

    happens alot to me a relog usually fixes it, or clearing cashe and relogging and on RARE occasion i have to do a clean install of my viewer ((using firestorm viewer)) but VMM shouldnt be having any effect on it
  8. SayaNicole Cuttita

    I'm looking to recreate this look

    Try tameless https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Marketplace-PROMO-PRICE-Tameless-Complete-Female-Avatar-Cat/2606359
  9. SayaNicole Cuttita

    Traffic # calculation change?

    ahhh okies just noticed it n i never use that damn viewer....they made it even more confusing didn't think that was possible lol well hmm back to LL ignoring us lol
  10. SayaNicole Cuttita

    Traffic # calculation change?

    hey yall,,,voted for jira...and you should all check something out...hop over to newest SL viewer....and search your shop or place...its showing your normal traffic numbers on that viewer i think.. Showing my traffic for today at 14,577 when imprudence reports its - 7,776
  11. SayaNicole Cuttita

    Traffic # calculation change?

    really hope this is just a glitch in there system n not a new way of calculation cause i'm missing over half my traffic. it looks a bit depressing lol