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  1. Since July 2nd I have been unable to syay logged in for more than 1 minute. My avatar won't rez & I get messages saying that body parts can't be found. Also my inventory will not load. I have tried using different viewers and logging into low lag reguins like Hippo Hollow and Smith. I always get the same results. Can anyone tell me what is going on?? HELP
  2. There is nothing but phone & concierge service happening today. Aren't the folks at LL aware that the users are having issues?? This makes me so angry!!! GRRRRRRRR I haven't been able to log in for the past 3 days! :womanmad:
  3. I have been unable to stay logged in for more than 1 minute before I am logged out by SL. For the short time I am in world, body parts and most of my inventory are missing. This has been going on for at least 3 days now & I am very angry!!!! :catmad:
  4. So now we're stuck with no SL because they didn't feed the hamsters! There is no update on the grid or servers status. LL should compensate the premium members for this MAJOR inconvenience.
  5. It is now 8:07 PM SL time. My avitar won't load, inventory won't load, and I get logged off after a couple of minutes. What is going on??
  6. How many events can a person post in one day? I manage a club and was trying to post everything for the week but after about 4 postings I got the message saying I exceeded my limit for 24 hours. Can anyone please answer this?? It makes it hard to get work done for the club. Thanks, Cre
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