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  1. The inventory is a fun thing all have and can find so that would be better for new users, but it had been cool if LPDW could make inworld signs pointing to the marketplace with a suggested search term, like "Search: boat Sort: Price low to high", that had been a good way to introduce new users to the ecosystem around SL and to show that there is more to Second Life than the land, that SL is also Blogs, Forum, Videos and a whole Mophly-dome of different social things.
  2. I wanted to sail to the new fantasy homes and I wanted to see how the experience would be for a new users, for some reason the Mandela Effect had kicked in and I was sure there should be a sailboat or a dingy in the Inventory Library, but the only vehicle there was a Kart, so should we try to get LL to add a small boat if new users want to test sailing?
  3. There may be two alternatives then "gacha" is seen as a "chance-based outcome", the first one is to give all gacha users one product that is worth the price, like the vendor can sell "Gastronomical activated broccoli flashlight" for $5L and then "as a bonus" give a free random toy or gift, the other way is to make it work as in a carnivals where most things is a scam but where it is a sliver of chance to alter the chance with very high skills. And keep in mind to not blame Linden Lab, this is for sure due to laws in what some call "the Real World".
  4. I manage to fix the Bento Angel rig so I can create poses in a way that fit my workflow, but I have some problems and questions I hope folk here can answer or point to a good answer with links. I work in Blender and would like to know how to do it with Blender and best without any plugins, but if you have answer for any other application you can post it here, it may help other users that want to learn to create poses. 1: I wanted to make a sit pose so I moved the bone "mPelvis" down and rotated it backwards, but when I uploaded it (preview) the position and rotation had not been saved so it looked like my avatar sat in the air rather on the ground, how do I adjust height position and rotation for the rig? 2: One avatar I have is named Pokki and it is rigged in a strange was, so when I bend the foot it look dislocated, so in the pose I make I want to just move the foot (in the pose) a bit in relation to the leg bone, is that possible? 3: I Got a 3rd party tail for my avatar and it came with 3 "deformers" to adjust the tail position, even they work I would like to make a own deformer lo get the tail in the right place for my avatar, how do I do that and can I also make a deformer to move the legs out or to move the shoulders backwards? 4: Just now I can only export all bones so when I made a happy tail wag it worked well except for my avatar also stood in a fixed T-pose, how do I only export the animations for some selected bones?
  5. Every time I ask something in this forum I never get an answer rather than a suggestion to use a expensive Pugin called "Avastar", it can how to use Blender to transfer weights and the answer that is pushed is "use Avastar", ask how to use blender to rig and some say "Use Avastar", and now it is same with animation where folk say "I get an error, how can I fix that" and the answer is "Use Avastar". I want to make one simple pose in Blender, I have the bento rig, I make the pose and export it as a .BVH and when I try to upload it I get an error, now I want to know how to fix it, yes I know that I can use Avastar, but I do not want to spend 6000 L to make one pose, so how do Avastar save the file and why is not Blender able to do the same?
  6. After being a (almost) super macho (Not so) big bad wolf for a long time I decided to change a bit this month.
  7. Linden Realm shall be for new players to get them a chance to get some few Linden Dollars to get a new avatar, we premium users get Lindens Weekly and we should be happy if we can win exclusive and fun objects that free users do not get I think old Linden Realm could be great, but after the first quest it was no longer a game, it was an endless run to get Linden Dollars, folk did not do it for it was "fun", they were there to get Linden Dollars, there was no quest, no objectives, and no dangerous monster, and if you was taken nothing happen other than you was moved 20 to 100 meter. Linden Realms was a bit like Camelot
  8. I think many want to keep the old RL for they use bots and other ways to get lindens without playing, and it is not even a game after the quest have been played, after that it is just a way to grind Linden Dollars, that made some "players" greedy to the point they start to cheat and grief to get a fistful of Linden Dollars. I played Linden Realms a couple of years ago and took some snapshots of folks sitting there, and when I went back this year I could still see some of them still sitting there, almost in same spots. I think Linden Realms should been closed five years ago and look forward to see the new Linden Realm and hope it will be a better place for new users, and I hope it will get rules that are updated and maintained.
  9. The main post is about the "old rules" and the question was how someone (during that period) could be able to be a LEA committee member longer than two periods, so I think it is important to talk about the history and the old rules, I do not see it as useless. I have a feeling that this thread is 'Troll Art' to open old wounds within the 'art community' just to be able to post links to Ego Art Videos.
  10. // Let's take it from the beginning where you point out two points in the Bylaw 5.1.5 Term for Committee Members shall be 2 years (commencing with the ratification of these bylaws). 5.1.6 Committee Members may serve up to 2 terms. You then point out that some members of LEA Committee have been within the committee longer than so and you ask the question, "How is that possible". That question can be answered by reading the point that followed the two points you highlighted. 5.1.7 After 2 terms, Committee Members may be moved to Ex Officio status. -[cut]- 5.3.2 Ex Officio members may be eligible to move back to Committee Member after serving 4 months as an Ex Officio and with an unanimous vote of the Committee Members (see clarification of abstentions in section and proxy votes in section above). 6.6 Advisors and Ex Officio do not have voting rights for any matters. // What I understand by reading the Bylaws there is nothing that stop a member from being able to be active within the committee more more than two years and there is points in the Bylaw that say how grievances shall be handled, there is also a section (10) that take up the ownership of the LEA sims. Another thing that are important to read are: 12.1 The bylaws may be amended, altered, or repealed by a 80% vote of the Committee at any regular or special meeting. The text of the proposed change shall be distributed to all Committee Members at least 5 days before the meeting. You have also stated "I am not an artists, hence I have never been rejected. And I have no intention of being a part of the LEA Committee", and that make me a bit confused, for at the same time you complain publicly you have over the years not (what I can see) showed any will to change anything by involve yourself with LEA as an guest, advisory or in any sub-committee, nor as an active artist. So my last question; what is your goal with this post, what do you want to achieve, what do you want us to do to make you satisfied in this question?
  11. I think it is more funny that you did not mention this in your first post The most reason LEA Bylaws that you refer to was written late 2012 and I can see that the page where changed from that version to a newer version 17th Mars 2016, the latest version are from 9th Apr 2017 and it links to a wiki page where you can read about the Community Land Partnership Program and how communities shall work. Edit: I edited this post, made it shorter for I will not involve me in it, for as fast as it come to debate about art and culture it can turn ugly very fast and things like that can make me sad, and I do not like to be sad.
  12. I do not agree here and think that changing rules may be a good thing, at least if the rules do not work as intended or there is diferent ways to do something that folk see as better or more functional, statistical rules can also be dangerous. The problem I have now is that you say "Why the secrecy" but you do not link to any source (for the rules) so I can check the source, nor do you explain how you came to the conclusion that the committee "doesn't care about anything but themselves" when you say "I am not an artists" and "I have no intention of being a part of the LEA Committee"? I also want to say that "artists" in no way are automatically better than normal people, and to compare "artists" with "people who doesn't care about anything but themselves" make it sound a bit like you have something against someone (or all) in the LEA comtee and without explaining that for us, I am not an artists but I have been visiting LAE and think I seen a good mix (of art) and I have the feeling that they (the committee) have done much for me, so in that frame are we of different opinion.
  13. I do not like how the word "fraud" is used in this thread, I can agree that the rules shall be followed, but if there come a situation where it start to get hard to follow the rules like when it is a lack of interest or when it work better by bending the rules, then you need to ask if it may not be the rules that should be changed and there shall always be a point in the "rules" that say how the rules (for a committee) shall be changed and how to do it. But I have a question too; it look like LEA have worked well for several years even they have ignored some rules and there have been a huge variation of artists (and what I know) with very few that have complained about the system, why are you doing this; have you been rejected as an artist, do you want to be a part of the committee or are you just concerned that the Art in Second Life can have a negative effect of this? P.S My question is out of curiosity and not to put any blame on the author or any in the LEA committee, it is an interesting point and I think it is good that questions and critique about public art and culture is made public.
  14. Thank you for a great answer, I start to think I am a bit to use to see Unity and other game engines that work well together with Substance Designer, and just hope that SL one day will get a better environment system (or what to call it), I also need to say that material made with Substance Designer do look good in Second Life if you use Metal-Roughness and tinker a bit with the export settings. 
  15. I has read those pages, but I may be too stupid to understand them, or it is again so that something are missing or not correct. Like when the Wiki Do and don't say "Lower values (such as black) result in a “wider” specular highlight", but a black (100 %) color do disable the specular and shall be used on material that absorb light or in shadow areas that always shall remain dark, like on the inside of a hat the avatar shall use, the Do and Don´t articles also talk about environment but do not say that the SL environment (even in midday) do not bring out the specular colors: “The specular map’s alpha has the ability to “mask” parts of the surface’s sky reflectance. This is especially important for materials where only parts of the surface may actually reflect the sky” But as I did say so has Second Life no real environment map/sky that can be reflected, those parts will just look black or dark, it is just the “control over how much of the environment is reflected” when I can not see any reflected environment in Second Life that has made it hard for me to use any 3rd party program to create good materials for SL. Btw, thank you for the links, even it sound like I think they are bad, it is things that has helped me alot and that all creators should read.
  16. I am using Substance Designer to make materials that I am using in Blender but also in Second Life, Substance designer are made so it can make and export materials for the most common shaders, so I am not talking about make SL compatible with this program rather to get a feature that I see in this application and other games. It will be hard for me to describe this in some few lines just for the complexity of the subject and for all seems has different ideas what materials are and how they shall work in Second Life, so I will only talk about what I can observe and what I miss in Second Life based on those observations. Substance Designer 2 can work with pbr-spec-gloss to generate texture maps for programs that use Specular-Gloss like Second Life does, and you can use this program to make materials with OpenGL normals that look good in Second Life, but the problem come when you start to make specular or reflective/metallic objects. When I make a metal object in Substance Designer that are 100 % reflective I can see an environment map reflected in the metal that give the metal that very good look, in Second Life when I turn up the “Environment” to 100 % the object just look black, like it has no environment whatsoever, even if I change the windlight it remain black with just different color tint near the hot spot. If I now use a specular map in Substance Painter I can change the specular colors of the light reflecting back from the environment, but if I load a specular map onto the object in Second Life nothing happens, it still just look black for there is no light casted from the environment, like it lack a environment, it not before I make a light source in Second Life I start to see the specular colors. So my question was if SL could get environment maps, like bitmaps that can make up the reflection in a object instead of the dark gredient that it look like SL has today. When you test this you will see the specular colors as best if the glossiness is sat very low, between 1 and 5, just remember that 0 = disable gloss. With the older Substance Painter that did use Metall-Rough to make material I did export textures for SL like this: “Base color” as Diffuse map (no alpha) “Converted Specular” as specular with “Roughness grayscale” as alpha. “Converted Normal OpenGL” as normal map with “Metallic grayscale”. as alpha (exponent) This did worked okay but still needed extra light sources in SL to be able to see the specular colors.
  17. I did download Substance Painter 2.0 (demo) to make Specular-Gloss materials for Second Life, the program produce a Diffuse map that is black where reflective or metallic colors are located so the colors from the specular map shall be visible, the material look great in Substance painter, but in Second Life the material look black in those areas, until you create a light source near, then you start to see the texture as you do in Substance Painter. The same happen in Substance Painter if I select a black environment map that do not reflect anything, so not do I vonder is SL are missing environment maps and if it is possible for Linden Lab to make so the Windlight settings can have different environment maps? It is hard to explain for me that has English as third language and not can all the technical terms, but I still hope some do understand what I'm talking about :-)
  18. I has a model I has made and when I did upload it the first time it was 3 PE that become 5 PE after I did give medium-LOD some more details, but then I had to UV-unwrap the model to be able to use textures, it was then I did see that the UV mapping did make the PE to go up, from 3 to 5 and up to 16 when give the medium-LOD some better details. My question is why the PE goes up when I UV-map my model, and if there is a way to UV map it so the PE do not go up so much?
  19. "complete a 5-minute questionnaire" sounds like a scam, whaterver it is legit or not the order shall be, link to product page under the main domain "secondlife.com", a question if you want to answer cuestions and option to download and answer after. Newer do questionaries before you will be able to download something, that it a system scammers often use and it would be bad if LL did that same thing.
  20. There is not so hard to get 'little money' in Second Life; Linden Realms is s funny way to get some money, but it sometime do not work to get a HUD and without HUD is it hard to play the game and keep track of the crystals. But if you learn how to use LR you can easy run together some hundred Linden dollars per day without cheating. There is still money trees around SL that new users can use, the hard ting is to find the trees and to find trees that few users know about and therefore has a good amount of money in them. Another way is to find parties or clubs that has contests, a contest is often a theme like "Best animal suit", "Best in blue" and so on and then do folks vote on whet user they think was best; the trick here is to 'be there', be social, talk and not only see it as a way to get money. Another way is to build or make something folk want and is willing to pay for, I some time build things that I give away as freebies and hope folk donate some Linden Dollars if they like mine things, this is not a fast way to get money and it is also a bit hard. The worst way to try to get money is to beg, it go to the forum say it is you birthday and hope folk feel sad and give you money, that do not work and will even make it harder for you to earn some Linden Dollars in world. But the big question you has to answer for you self "Why do you want money in SL" and "What shall you do with the money you get in SL".
  21. I see SL as a social media and has hard time to understand some ban lines, avatar privacy settings and security orbs. Just some days ago I did want to look on SL highest peak and did flew there, it was so high up that I not could see any borders and I did not flew to near, but as fast I did pass a non visible line I was sent back home while my balloon did go on without me. I think like this; if you want privacy in the mainland, move the house up in the sky (3 000m and upwards) and mark the grifer/security orbs radius with a big sphere. Land is to get prims and can therefor be keept open for all to explore or to have stores in, or to show puplic information about that land owner not want you to peek in to the big and super visible huuse they dod build for they are a bit afraid the furries may steal the flat screen TV. For how often do folk intrude in to the house? I did belong to a group that had Land in Minna, we had a big house there that was open, but even it was in a popular area near Natoma we had very few users, so I just wounder if intruders are a so big problem that folk has to grief explorers, drivers and flight entusiams to protetc ther privace even they not are online?
  22. Latest time I has seen same thing with folk that use mesh avatars or mesh clothing/shoes, it looks like the feats are in the ground and stay so until I use a scriptad tool (de-Ruth log) to clear mine visible chace. You shall not bee needed to adjust z-offset even if it is possible to adjust the avatar in this way, so I think it may be a serverside bug or a load bug.
  23. I has seen some folk/groups buy land, then they set an high price on the land, so high that very few want to buy that and, then they start to build in the land in a way that looks like they has no intention to sell the land, why do they do so and is it any benefits with have land for sale with no real intention to actual sell it?
  24. Yes I know Linden not can stop coppybotting as little as the Police can stop all crimes commited, but even the police not can stop all crimes so do I not think, "What does it matter anymore" when I see a crieme, I do call the police for it is the right thing to do. I may not AR all suspected copybotters, but I can tell folks that I think it is wrong, point to towards where it say so, just for I think it is the right thing to do.
  25. I did only want to know where in the TOS I could read where I was told was correct or not and to get an short and simple translation of segment that may be good to read. I know that the subject of this post was badly selected, but I did so for I did want attention to get an faster answer, but also to not leak to much information about what made me ask this question. A did also ask for the question is complex and I did think I had to read before I could say if it is would be right, wrong or what we can or not can do.
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