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  1. Ad blocker is Turned off Note this is whats happening to everything ive tried with many other Items i have bought in the past that i need ReDelivered and haven't heard back from the creators / Sellers can we just add in a redeliver BUTTON already to the MP listing if it can Show that i bought the item already above the item name why not add in a clicky there to get redelivery .. the search just isn't Working at all in my order history ...
  2. https://gyazo.com/61178f6d1faf7352dd004061e983aece https://gyazo.com/09060fb72609016b6da5ac9e26d4e0ae Ok so i know its not My net speed but i been trying for more then a week straight now to get redeliveries from various stores that i have bought from and all i get over and over is gateway timeout. is the services for this that *****y ?
  3. not quite what i was looking for as we are trying to have it read contents with out adding any thing to script for any items put the contents of the box when clicked by owner it should say in local chat to them a List in a descending format and not " Item, item , item " or "item x, item '' Here is what it does currently" Example " But for it to Drop any of the same items as 1 line of text with amount at the end [08:05:43] (Unnamed): Bubble X 2 DFS !AFK GEAR X 3 Diavolo Coffee (add) X 1 honey comb bubble X 1 Total Items Packed: 7
  4. So trying to improve on a working script ive tossed together poorly , So far it Takes name of object and counts the contents and adds it as a Float text an keeps updating on any changes and touches happy with this part , it also allows public drag and drop . but the problem im running into is compiling the list feature so that instead of it showing a new line of chat for each item that same items are placed on a single line with x amount. so far have attempted to get rid of the numbers at the end of same items so that i can then have it see them all as same item and give the amount but im hit
  5. this was an attempt to work around the on_rez reading the group to trying to Read when avatar Sits if their group isn't same as the one listed in uuid of the script that it unsits them , rezzes out an object and kills the on they tried to sit on but even it keeps trying to fool around with land groups last time i tried i was able to sit on it with the wrong group just because it matched the land group it was rezzed under and thats a fail for me.
  6. integer groupSame; string My_Group = "UUID"; // change the UUID to your Group UUID GroupCheck() { list details = llGetObjectDetails(llGetKey(), ([OBJECT_GROUP]) ); string myGroup = llList2String(details, 0); if( myGroup == My_Group) { groupSame = TRUE; } else { groupSame = FALSE; } } default { on_rez(integer start) { llResetScript(); } state_entry() { llSitTarget(<-1.0, 0.0, 0.3>, ZERO_ROTATION);//You may think this is unessesary, but you need this to trigger llAvatarOnSitTarget. } changed(integer c) { key person = llAvatarOnSitTarget(); if(
  7. Hard enough trying to work around a group reading script to read uuid and if its not same as the Sit-on Avatar to unsit them with out it messing up with land group readings too
  8. will not help with my project as the items are not attached to the avatar they are rezzed
  9. this way even if they have the right land group or build perms the scrip kills object cause they are not in the group the script is looking for not what land their in
  10. possibly but the goal behind this script was so that it didnt matter what the land group was just what uuid was in the script, for example i have a family group and i put a gift out to the Family but later someone quits or is kicked out of family and no longer has the family group tag. when they try to rez the item it would just keep killing its self to prevent them from having use of the item that is for family only. that way those in the family can rez it anywhere any sim that has rez as long as they wear their family tag
  11. same but when i pass it to someone who is wearing diff groups but is a manager of the land we are standing on he is able to still rez it and it stay even with wrong tag on so its a bit of a confusing thing
  12. ok so trying to make it so that when you rez a product it check to make sure your wearing a Certain Group. but because this isnt llrezobject but working with on_rez and not attaching i dont know how to have it check the group properly so that if your wearing the wrong group it deletes its self from where you rezzed it. here is what i got or have attempted. integer groupSame; string My_Group = " uuid here "; // change the UUID to your Group UUID GroupCheck() { list details = llGetObjectDetails(llGetKey(), ([OBJECT_GROUP]) ); string myGroup = llList2String(details, 0); if( my
  13. thanks this helped alot , though it only seems to override if my ao is off guess my ago animations are taking the lead but still is a cute little sign to just have show up for a few seconds
  14. So im trying to make a fun little sign that shows up when you call out commands in local and ticks 5 seconds or so and goes away but i also am trying to pull in animations to the script so that when the command is said your hand is placed into the hold gun animation from like the pop gun script and stops animated when the sign vanishes but im not getting it to work with out error of animation request and im at a block of knowing what to do and ive made the script into a complete mess now. key owner; string sound = "6f02e5e7-5025-d56c-2d35-8273e44011cc"; integer h_listen; integer have_permi
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