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  1. Problem solved! So this is what i did... i entered with an alt and found myself. It was a private property and restricted area. I was flying and flying up and didn't stop. So...i remembered the exact spot, logged out and tried to login with my main avi, the one with the problem. I logged on an empty land under water (protected land) after 30 times of trying or more, i didn't count, and went with my avi to meet myself. When i reached close by, my ghost vanished. Thank you again for all your information!
  2. Yes, you are very right! I entered with an alt and i have found my avi but i have noone to talk to there to restart the sim and my avi is flying and flying and doesn't stop. I can't do anything about it. Only a friend of mine can control my stuff and i have to wait for him to send me home or something. Thank you very much for your answer. It was very helpful!
  3. I keep trying to enter SL but i just get the message: ”Login failed. The sistem is logging you out right now. Your acount will not be available until 2011-02-01 16:03:02 Pacific Time.” I waited once till the time they told me and after that entered SL. Same message and they delayed the time. I waited again and same. Did this for 5 times, then i cleared cache, restarted pc and again same message! Why can't i enter SL?
  4. Thank you so much! I entered and now i delete at least half of my items! Thank you very very very much!
  5. I didn't have the problem with the terms. I clicked ok and continued loading. The problem is that is stops loading at the end. Sometimes says loading clothes or another time loading world. Stays like this for 1 min then it says i've been logged off Second Life and i must close the window. I already cleaned the cache manualy, without entering the game (because i really can't enter at all!).
  6. Hi! I am trying for few days to log in SL but i can't. I wait long for the program to load then it blocks itself when it starts loading my clothing. I know i have many items, about 15 000 i guess. That might be the problem? I would like to delete some (at least the trash), but can't login. I tried to login with another acount and it works just fine. What should i do?
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