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  1. DO I have to Unwrap the mesh again if I decimate geometry in blender
  2. How do i add a watermark lgo and trnasparency to a sculpt map any help is appreciated
  3. whats secondlifes phone number?
  4. I have a problem logging in I get a message unable to connect to simulator
  5. see this post http://www.tomshardware.com/forum/239451-45-0xc0000005-access-violation then check out windows 7 forums and talk to them there their very helpful and will show you how to submit a bug report to them to look at Just be careful with who answers your question some are just random people who really dont know much You'll know if the person will be of any help if they provide you with helpful links in the windows 7 forum that error code from what iread can be a few things. I had a bad memory stick and was getting that error You can't go by just that error cord theres an XML view
  6. I been having trouble uploading mesh alot of times i come up with level of detail missing how do i resolve that? Any tips for uploading would be appreciated
  7. did you check how many scripts being used?
  8. Could someone help me optimize settings with viewer 3
  9. I'm having trouble logging in it jes brings me to marketplace and doesnt log me in and says their having trouble
  10. How do check what the item was I gave to someone. I see Give inventory on the website in transactions but it doesnt say what it was just has a uiid
  11. So what do I do about items that get Ip replacement ? Just delete them?
  12. How do I add an Item say such as a tv and remote into a magic boc to be delivered together.
  13. Is it against TOS to post an item at a lesser price on marketplace than what you have it for Inworld?
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