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  1. Ah Dilbert is just mad because during the whole RedZone fiasco he was constantly saying he wasn't using it and never would. Then one day somebody cammed down at the TP point at his place and low and behold there was a redzone unit clicking away. He had the sensors turned off so it could only scan things near it (which is why it was at the TP point) and it couldn't be detected by the GreenZone hud at that time.
  2. Not to mention it has the potential to kill most streaming media in SL.
  3. Good point Dilbert, I was just focusing on the 'controling the avi' part I guess. I haven't had any first hand experience with it either so I'm not sure if it's there either.
  4. Sounds like it could be one of these things: https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Soul-Seize-Hud-Control-Someone-Permanently-No-RLV-Needed-No-Collar-Needed-No-Attachments-Needed/2464514
  5. Melita Magic wrote: I think they should fix that thing that wipes out an account completely if a payment is missed for too long or whatever. Most premium members/land owners have huge inventories, I'd hate to guess how many $$ spent. Why don't they fix that so it goes to basic instead or back to a free account. With inventory intact? Well Rodvik has said they are working on this so I imagine with the new push towards getting premium members it will be done at some point. But I agree that this needs to be taken care of. Simply making it to where you lose your Linden Home and every
  6. Haters gonna hate. You could hand some of these people deep fried chocolate coated gold on a silver platter and then they would complain there weren't any sprinkles on top. You can't make these people happy because they don't want to be happy.
  7. Well it certainly sounds like most conversations that I've heard in Second Life. Maybe we are all chatbot stuck in here and just don't realize it. ... are you a robot?
  8. Wow. Well I've just been calling it the SL Thingy all this time. Always heard SLumming in reference to residents that don't have a home and live out of sandboxes and abandoned building on abandoned land that had the rez left on.
  9. Well I would like to add that the Lindens aren't mind readers. They don't know what everybody wants, so setting back complaining isn't really doing anything. Take a step forward with a polite manner and make a suggestions. That's what I did myself on Rodviks online profile feed. I had an idea, sandboxes set for premium users only, and I made my idea known to him. Rodvik replied that the thought it was a good idea. Then a few weeks later here they are. So instead of everybody complaining about what they should have done why don't a few of you get together, hash out some ideas that would
  10. At the very least they should have a cafepress shop set up. It would be a zero cost (except paying their guy who is already on staff to load up the pictures and set up the store) form of advertising. Those who buy them would be the best people to bring others into the world, the very residents who make it up. Plus it would gauge the interest out there for what direction to go next for marketing. If shirts are selling then expand there, if mousepads and coffee cups are flying out the door then that's where you go. But, alas, I don't see it happening.
  11. It wouldn't suprise me at all to see something like this going on. Copybotters will do just about anything to get copies of the latest fashions to rip and sell as their own. However I see it more likely that they may try to start up a legit club and run their copybot system hidden there. If they are avi based then they would simply put them behind the walls or under the floors so they wouldn't be seen. An active club of real people would draw in more of the money spending folks (who will have the latest fashions) and keep them there. Because those who do spend their lindens inworld (like
  12. Also I believe your login name will be viewable on your profile. This is done to help stop people from pretending to be another resident just by changing their display name to match theirs.
  13. I'll admit my first job in SL was as a stripper in a very adult venue. The money wasn't always good but at times I did very well. Now be warned though, if you go this route you will get some...ahem... 'job offers' of a much seedier nature via IMs from customers.
  14. Neko for the win! Not that I'm biased or anything .. but... um... hold on a second.... (runs off to chase a mouse)
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