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  1. The problem was that windows couldnt update my graphics driver so i had to go top the actual ATI website and download the latest graphics driver for my video card. Thank u very much Ella for helping me out with that, and everybody else as well ^w^
  2. Computer Specs: Processor: Dual Intel Core Processor 4400 @ 2.00 Ghz each Ram: 1022MB Made By Dell, an Inspiron 530S Vista with a 128MB ATI Radeon X1300 Graphics Driver Also i'll try posting up a ticket but the problem isnt that it crashes when i try to login, the game window never even comes up in the first place. I pulled the system info from My Computer. The game wont even start up, it just crashes before the window even opens. Thx for the help, imma try a ticket now
  3. I cleaned up the registry and caches using Ccleaner, ran malwarebytes and spybot to immunize and check for viruses and spyware, made sure my computer had the minimum settings which it has more than, uninstalled reinstaleld several times, and still when i try to start up second life i only get as far as detecting hardware on a tiny box in the middle of my screen which then disseapears and brings up a crash report. >.< is there anything else i can try to fix this problem? its startin to be a real pain in the butt
  4. I jsut downloaded secondlife and ran the program, a small window appears saying detecting hardware and such and then it goes away. Nothing happens for a while and then a crash log comes up and asks me if i want to report the crash. Is there any ways i can fix this? I'm runnning vista if that helps at all.
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