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  1. For those wondering about subscribing to the RSS of the full thing or just the blog of your choice... it kind of requires a "smart" reader. I use Pulp and River-Of_News on my iPad and I just type-in the root domain (http://coimmunity.secondlife.com) - and my news reader provides a list of all the different feeds. Here is the list I get: New Board Top[ics in Blogs All Board Posts in Blogs (I chose this one and get everything, but not the comments) New Blog Articles in Blogs All blog posts in Blogs (this will give you comments also!) New idea exchange ideas in Blogs All idea exchange posts in Blogs New Knowledge base posts in Blogs New Questions in Blogs All Questions, Answers in Blogs New media posts in Blogs and fianlly All media posts in Blogs. --------- I believe the "All" versions are the posts AND comments come through in the feeds. I chose All Board Posts in blogs and all I get is Linden posts, but I do get all of them. Just saying this is what works for me, your mileage will vary depending on your news reader of choice.
  2. How the hell are we going to drag and drop inventory items onto people now? Say, like, oh I dunno.. CUSTOMERS that are in a hurry?!?! Ever since viewer 2 (original) - transferring inventory was steered to the IM window. Any time you click the "Share" button from the inventory window, the IM window of the person you chose would appear - not their profile. If you clicked on someone in world and chose "Give inventory" (or "Share - I forget what it's called) - it would open the IM window - not the profile window. However, up to now, the profile window *also* worked. But since the beginning of Viewer 2, Linden Lab has been trying to train us to transfer invetory by dropping it onto the IM window with that person. And this makes a lot more sense to me anyway. In my mind, dropping inventory to me without at least chatting with me is *rude*. I myself have been transferring via the IM window ever since the ability arrived in 1.x viewers as I prefer to send an IM that I am giving inventory. Doing otherwise is, as I have said, outright rude. Main point: I am with the impression you have not been using Viewer 2 at all for any length of time, but are rather having a knee-jerk reaction based on what someone else has told you, or your initial experience without much more than a quick look-trough. Contrary to what those with frictional attitudes would have you believe, Linden Lab is not stupid. Sure, they make mistakes (some of which could be thought of as stupid) - but in the end, they aren't so stupid as to break a major function of the SL experience such as inventory transfer.
  3. New preference is to Remove yourself *entirely* from search. It used to be when you hide your profile, you weren't really being hidden (still on the web and still in world can be found) all it hid away was what you wrote in your profile. This beta has an option to completely go incognito. To everyone who does it: I really wish you wouldn't comment on things that you haven;t actually tried. It make you look silly sometimes (and this is not in reply to Dwen - it is a comment to EVERYONE).
  4. I like everything I see and how it works...except for one thing: the "Profile" tab in the sidebar looks silly now. I know this is beta, and you are probably thinking what I am thinking: Either *remove* the "My profile" tab from the sidebar (put it into a menu and maybe even an optional button for the bottom bar) -OR- set that tab to display HTML profile the way the "SL Logo" tab does. Right now it feels like a wasted click to open the "My profile" tab and see nothing there but a button that says "Profile" LOL It feels silly! One thing I did notice though: as I tinkered with my own profile from inside V2.5 beta - my profile got WIPED OUT. So I had to rebuild it from scratch (was due for an update anyway). Beyond all this: I really like the new profile system, I really like where you are heading with all this!
  5. What everyone above has already said: yeah, that. Especially Suella, but you already knew that. We all already know you'll make the big bucks no matter what. Obviously decisions will be business decisions before willy-nilly whatever the users want decisions. I like what I've been seeing as of late. I really like that it appears you did a "Brubaker" and snuck in world on your own to get that perspective. if this is true, then I cannot describe the really good feeling about your direction I am getting. Welcome home.
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