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  1. Sephina Frostbite wrote: Ze Verino wrote: sorry i forgot to put male skin Then dont listen to me hehe
  2. Jasmyn Vaher wrote: Oops…male skins!… Ok. Redgrave, (Craig, Emil and King skins are IMO to die for) bad@zz, Prodigal, Tellaq About male shapes, well, I like too to create them. Same as it happens with female shapes; most times; I dont like the ones that come with the skins either. A while ago, I created a male shape, it rests unused in my inv. If you want to try it, feel free to IM me Craig, Emil and King skins ?? cant find it on marketplace
  3. Hi Everyone.. I was hoping if anyone knew some good quality places or Shop. where you can get some good Male skins and Male shape and some tattoo and chotes. main thing is the skin and shape. i was thinking about changing my Avi couse i had this Avi for a like 2 years i think i think it time for a change :) many thanks and hoping you can point me the right place :) thanks for the help :)
  4. tried to have no manager in my grop am the only owner
  5. Hey all.. AM looking for a Land.. i want many prims on it about hmmm 2000 - 4000 but dont know how much it gonna much but with no nabours... how much it gonna cost in L. but i want a cheap one if i can get it not sure if i can.. but it would be awsome if i could.. i want a Green/beach kind of way but a huge space of land where i can put many things on it :)
  6. nothing work i just try.. any other ideas i try to get sopport but there are close
  7. how do i put it in ???? just hte name you typed it still wont let me
  8. hey all.... ive been trying to find a way to fix my veiwer but i cant log in at all :( it really makin me sad ive been trying for four days now.. does anyone know how to fix it???
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