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  1. I was watching one of the older videos for Blender 3d and it did a touch basis on using particals to make fur in blender. I was wondering if it was possible for in SL to use particals to make things like tails and if sculpts created in blender with particals will still have the particals?
  2. I see, so it is possible to do so. I've heard of Poser too but the reason I asked if it was possible to do it in Blender was because I had planned on doing feral/animal avatars and I needed to make sure the sculpts moved correctly with the animation
  3. Ok, this question I've been trying to find an answer to. I was watching a video for a wip of a feral avatar for SL and in the comments the avatar's creator mentioned they used Blender to make everything, even the AO. Now I want to know if that is even possible and if so how? I know that Blender can indeed be used to create animations but I'm not sure how one would make an AO with it and upload it to SL.
  4. That make sense, though if it keeps up I will look into it further
  5. I know that probably most users are using V2 but I need to switch between viewers every now and them. Anyway, I reacently got back onto V1 due to making sure I don't lag the net for other members in my family and I got this message: Unable to upload 765fdf1f-f101-c9fc-8f88-1595919b0ee0 due to the following reason: server is experiencing unecpected difficulties. Please try again later. The codething after upload as been different in each message that pops up and we (me and one of my friends) thought it might have to do with the inventory because I used phoenix before this. Well I've gotten it o
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