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  1. Thank you by your vote Ohjiro Watanabe, I hope much more people vote this JIRA, creators and users, because all us can get the bonus if Linden Labs can add this feature. I think this method can cohexist with fitted mesh or without it, in perfect harmony. Ongoe Allen
  2. Thank you by the sugestion Dresden, and yes, you have understand the idea, :-) I have submit the request of new feature at JIRA, https://jira.secondlife.com/browse/BUG-7658? The idea of it is really new, and I think that the creators can create in a new way with accuracy. I am reflecting that the Partial Shape Changer can be a "humble" solution vs fitting mesh vs deformer. I sell feet with 8 sizes, from Body Fat 0 to 100, including into the 5 standards of size.In this way a creator can get perfect positioned their creations on the avatars without problems, withouts gaps. All creators know t
  3. Thanks by the info Lewis Luminos, but not, the question is not that. Is not for my own use. I am creator of feet and sell with standards sizes, these feet need 3 values of shape to be matched. Some customers have experience editing shapes, but other people not. Also the problem with the languages in the viewer, some people dont have the editor shape in english, then is very difficult to set these values without help, or as I say "with headaches". My intention is to make the life in Secondlife more easy and happy for customers. Technically only Linden Labs can make the solution that I say
  4. I would like to know if there are a way to change some values of the sliders of shape editor by a item wearable, that only change these values, no affecting to the others. Is in the same way as we can wear "Base of shoes" that these values change the shape only in the values of feet. By example: I need for a item that a customer select between various sizes of items: XXS,XS,S,M,L,XL,XXL,XXXL, i only need to match 2 values at the shape editor of customers: Body Fat and Torso Muscles,(by example) then I think in a "PARTIAL SHAPE CHANGER" as a base shoes, a item for modify you
  5. Charlar - I have the group Mesh Volunteers / at Agni / Payment Info OK / Mesh IP tutorial passed OK / but...no became green. I am at the sim "Mesh sandbox 1" at Agni. I cant upload models. The Mesh Upload Status continue pink colour. Thanks in avance
  6. I have the same problem, please Charlar, help me, :-)
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