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  1. Yes, lol I didn't know how to delete the post. As I said I learned a lot since then and am just starting out. I really tried to delete it. And still want to so that when I do have more information to offer it's well rounded. If you can tell me how to delete, I have no problem doing so.
  2. Heyyy! My name is Sinayah aka RōzGold (artist name RL). I am a new (up and coming) RL to SL musician and I am looking for a some crew members that don't mind being the center of attention. I would love to have a BIGšŸ¤© and SPECTACULARšŸ˜ stage presence for my live shows/performances here in SL. I am looking for a band, backup singers, and dancers interested in doing live concerts and performances. Please PM Sinayah Resident if you are interested. It's all for fun and for the love of Music. Contact me inworld for further details! Here are some tracks to give you an idea of what kind of artist
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