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  1. I've done all that already it was working up until a few days ago, then the next time I logged in nothing, the mic works fine out of SL and in other applications & I have also tried another headset/mic, still nothing, when checking voice settings in V3 & FS 4, it shows default device, but I am unable to change anything, to either the direct sound card mic or USB headphones/mic. To me the problem seems to be in the viewers detecting either soundcard and/or USB headphones, has anyone any suggestions as to what else I can ty ? :matte-motes-frown:
  2. I'm having the same issues and I am a PC techie, been through everything from drivers to re installing all concerned
  3. Club 6, what more can I say other than great staff (to many to mention, old & new), great VIP's (way way to many, lol), wonderful owners (Rock & Tru Huckleberry), and a really wonderful atmosphere for everyone. My Wife Beth & I have been going there for at least 6 months & I've been DJ there for 3 maybe more of those, and have enjoyed every moment, and if it wasn't for Rock & Tru & Kratos, I may have never seen how muchy Beth really loved me, and maybe we wouldn't have been together, never mind married. I want to thank them so much & everyone at Club 6, for your wo
  4. install the update, then go to preferences/setup and take the check out of automatically download and install second life updates, then ok, after that reinstall 2.4 over the 2.5 and your done remember to take out the check again once you install 2.4, or it will update again
  5. I tried it & I've gone back to 2.4, I have a topend gaming PC (Pentium Core 2 Quad with 3.2GHz CPU, 4Gig DDR6 Ram, Nvidia GTS 450 1Gig video) and it is soooo slow, with 2.5 even in the low graphics setting in preferences it's slow, but who wants to use that setting, crazy, why try and better something, that that is already running ok, just adding more is pointless for those running smaller PC's, not everyone has fast internet speeds or big PC like you may have at Linden Labs, think of the little people for a change and not the $ or euro's
  6. you dont have to be engage in adult/mature things, I never did, in the other 3d chat, all I ever did was chat to ppl, nothing more, yet because I would not give credits or said no to a teen or something that they disliked, I was accused of something I never did, do you want to take that risk ? All I am saying is tag those that are under 18 so everyone knows they are. I'm not say they should not come, just we need to tag them some how, anyways I have learned from past experiences, and would hate for anyone else to go through the sleepless night of wondering what the hell they had done. That's
  7. another thing, what about those child sex offenders that are out there, are they going to have access to where our children play ?, I certainly wont be letting my kids here. I know from a past experience in 3d chat where I was accused of trying to seduce a child of 16, I was lucky I was cleared, what about those others that have done nothing wrong and are accused, not knowing who they are talking to adult or child, it's not a nice feeling to be accused of something you have never done, child ot adult. Just a concerned sole parent of 5 children.
  8. yes I agree, as an ex imvu user they did the same thing there only to find teens were actually taking part in cyber text without adults knowing their true ages, there has to be a way of tagging these teens for the adult population so we know who is a teen and who is not etc.
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