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  1. Just now, Leora Greenwood said:

    I thought I was done with the Trads but I guess the Trads weren't done with me!  The universe spoke and this lovely spot on Lockspur landed in my lap this morning.  THANK you to whoever let this go!  It is right above the Bellisseria RR tracks and, though not quite on the water, there is nobody between me and the water so it is an easy stroll.  Very happy here!


    Aboard the Bellisseria Express_002.jpg

     That is a nice spot! One landed in my lap yesterday .. and I wasn't even really looking for one. I got one in a spot I like.  Congrats!

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  2. 7 hours ago, Leora Jacobus said:

    A sight I did not see for a long time: at 12 minutes past midnight SLT: FOUR types to chose from on the LP!

    Loghome Camper Traditional Houseboat ....

    but like an elusive butterfly ... a minute later only three .. (Loghome gone)

    anyway THAT persisted for some minutes!

    FEW minutes ... now 0:15 only two Trad and Camper ...

    ... 0:17 only Camper ...


    The demand is still HIGH the pool of availability SMALL I'm afraid! But for people who keep looking there is HOPE! :)


    I have to agree with you!   

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  3. Releasing a cabin in a beautiful spot!  This cabin is located on the Breezy Ridge region. I had this for some time and I am sad to let this go. This is the perfect spot for someone who likes privacy or the sense of it because this is on a hill and is a corner parcel. 

    I need to release because I have found my perfect cabin spot. 

    http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Breezy Ridge/173/118/57


    This will be released at 8:00 am SLT


    Cabin at Breezy Ridge 1_001.jpg

    Cabin at Breezy Ridge 2_001.jpg

    Cabin at Breezy Ridge 3_001.jpg

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  4. On 10/15/2020 at 10:23 AM, RitaCallisto said:

    Great spot! I loooove that area, too. I lived in that orange/brown house in the top right at a time, but my premium was going byebye so I also had to say byebye.

    That house is a great spot too. I went horseback riding past your old house yesterday and that is a pretty spot with nice views of the water. 

    I have to decide which premium I want to give up and this is going to be hard!  I ❤️ all of my spots. 




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    I landed a cabin at Putney last night. Someone had this first before me.. because I wanted this spot and had my eye on it. Thank you to the person who abandoned this one! This is finally my keeper!!  Now I have to decide which of my other homes I have to let go.  It gets expensive looking for perfection! lol 


    My Beautiful Abandon at Putney 1_001.jpg

    My Beautiful Abandon at Putney 2_001.jpg

    My Beautiful Abandon at Putney 3_001.jpg

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  6. I am releasing this Victorian that I landed last night. This is a beautiful location with lots of curvy bridges and not far from the rail road. This one has stairs that I totally love! This Vic is also on the corner with road in the front back and the right side. 

    I had to sleep on this last night. Sadly I have to let this one go.  


    I will be releasing this at 5:30 am SLT

    Vic at Hyacinth region_001_001_001.jpg

    Vic at Hyacinth region_2_001.jpg

    Vic at Hyacinth region_001_001.jpg

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  7. 2 minutes ago, Fay Starlight said:

    I think you are thinkng of Medicine Hat--I had an epic spot there, but left it a long time ago :)

    This was (imho) a very  nice spot because I value less neighbors in sight (LOL), and it was nice, but it is probably not the one you are thinking of.  

     You are right!  Thunderhead was the next sim over. Well I am sure you made someone's day today!!

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  8. 1 hour ago, Fay Starlight said:


    this is going back now...


    Hard to throw back for me....I want to keep it, but I need to toss one to keep one, and not quite ready to toss one that I already have! :)

    I am kicking myself for not watching my email or for not staying on top of this group for any updates.  What sucks even more is that I seen this Trad come through on the LP!!! I should told myself to grab it.  Whoever got this one is going to be happy for life!   you had that spot for what seems like we.. since it was first released. I was hoping to get that same spot but ended up on the other side of the hill from that spot. I am so sad right now. lol 

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  9. 1 hour ago, Chloe Dolores said:

    Currently I can pick up all styles except the log homes as it does indeed time out as people describing...

    I think things are fixed now


    2 hours ago, Christoff Effingham said:

    well.. hours later... and still things don't work.

    I'm so patient.... this for several minutes... and than a blank receipt ...but no home



    Things working now - I hope you finally got your house.

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