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  1. Have you been looking for a Daddy ...or maybe you ar one and are looking for a Babygirl? You have a family and would like to expand? Meet like minded people here ----> Its just a click away.-----> http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/MoonLand/239/112/21
  2. If you are looking for family members, a place where you can meet like minded people...or even a Daddy or a Babygirl? Its just a click away.-----> http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/MoonLand/239/112/21
  3. Hi there and thanks for taking your time to read this, promsie I will make it short have you been looking for an adult family? IF so send me and IM inworld and we can get together and talk some more. Fun and more? guaranteed regards Trish Firehawk (trish.felicci)
  4. Hi there we are looking to expand family with friends, swinger couples and more IF Interested IM me, we like to do so many fun things
  5. Do you like to roleplay casual scenarios and keep it in an adult environment? IM ---> Weazel Firehawk and/or Trish Firehawk (trish.felicci) and come come down to "Temptation Trails" we guarantee this will be a great fun.
  6. Separate the day in you calendar and be ready for a different, naughty and sexy night When? --> Friday the 20th, October What time? ---> From 6:00 till 8:00 pm SLT Where? ---> Anonymous Private Gathering YOU need to become a member to be able to get your VIP ticket and costume, sol IM Weazel Firehawk or Trish Firehawk (trish.felicci) Office : http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Stadt1/16/144/3898
  7. Hi we need a scripter who knows about RLV ... Please IM me Trish Firehawk (trish.felicci) or myh husband, Weazel Firehawk
  8. Want to have fun in a different way? Test your limits? Have some naughty playful time anonymously? Be prepared ...because we guarantee sexy times...very soon Want to know more? Send and IM to Weazel Firehawk or Trish Firehawk (trish.felicci), we will tell you a little bit more Dont be afraid to ask, become a VIP and get ready to play!!!!
  9. Are you naughty and playful? Do you like different events? Then you have what it takes to become an Anonymous member and have fun When and where? we will let you know, but for now you can IM Trish Firehawk (trish.felicci) or Weazel Firehawk and find out more. The new place will open this coming week, so hurry up and become a VIP member Destination: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Stadt1/13/141/3898
  10. We are looking for a Scripter to do a custom one for us...combined with RLV, please IM me Trish Firehawk (trish.felicci) or my husband Weazel Firehawk
  11. Temptation Swingaway is a small private community for couples...swinger couples or Daddy/Babygirl who like to share and swap and enjoy to roleplay. We offer: houses for rent, swimming pool, bumper boats and cars, paintball arena, go karts, game boards and so much more. Since its a gated town we do interviews per request...IF interested contact Trish Firehawk (SL name: Trish Felicci)
  12. Temptation Swingtown is a small private community for swinger couples. A place to hang around, meet other like minded partners and ROLEPLAY. We offer houses for rent, swimming pool, board games, paint ball area, bumper boats and cars and so much more. Take in consideration that this community is for those couples who like to roleplay. and if you want to be part of it, we only take couples that are swingers. If you are interested IM Weazel Firehawk and/or Trish Firehawk (Trish Felicci) for an interview.
  13. Hi there thanks for taking you time to read this post My partner and I not only love to landscape, terraform and decorate, but we are also good at it and we have everything it takes to make a place look just wonderful... Would you like to change the look of your sim, parcel, homestead or shop? we can help making it a great cozy and welcoming place and it dosnt matter if its a private family place or hangout with friends, your own home or a public sim. Do you have a sim but you are not sure what to do with it? we even have ideas for that and we can help you out, we have some projects in mind of things that might be needed in SL and can even bring you profit.... You are an investor but not sure what to do or how to ? IM me we will share some of the ideas we have and hopefully turn you SL into a even greater experience Kind Regards Trish Felicci
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