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  1. Is there a file anywhere with a list of current SL Users that I can check against to verify people using a voting form on my website?

    I am NOT WANTING ANY PERSONAL DETAILS!!, I just want to verify that a user exists and then either allow or deny a form submit depending on the result.

    It isn`t going t be a page that exists long enough to warrant setting up single-sign on etc, so was hoping that there was a way to get a list, either on a file or a site, that I can use to check against?

    Again, NO PERSONAL DETAILS WANTED except avatar names,  or at least somewhere I can send a name programatically and get a yes/no back.....


  2. I have just upgraded the viewer on my pc and it stops responding when it starts to "Initialise World..."

    Also upgraded Pheonix viewer and the same thing happens there...

    Worked fine on last version... I have Windows XP... have they changed the specs for things so that I have an issue with graphics card etc? Sure it worked fine at home on laptop...

    Ay ideas?


  3. Yeah, I do go normally but I know some people who want to listen who can`t log into SL at the time and it is an actual venue that was asking me so their website could allow people to listen when they can`t get into SL.

    I agree with the "You had to be there" bit but the flip side is that it allows more people to listen to the event than would normally be able to be there.

    Big clubs like Ambrosia, Rez, Big Daddy`s would might be able to raise their audience numbers if their websites could play what those there could hear... Yes you could potentially have people who would listen without going there but i go with the thinking of "If it is the venue asking me if it can be done, then they are fine with that potential drop in actualy traffic to the site......"

    Does anybody know if it is even possible though to stream things like this? Is it possible to get itonto an external site?


  4. Hi all, bit of a strange one this one but can`t find an answer to it...

    U have a website that I would like to stream a SIMs media stream on. Normally this would be easy with just getting a player to play a stream url from say Shoutcast.

    The problem I have is that it is a live music venue and so this stream url keeps changing depending on who is playing at theat particular time slot.

    Is there a way to utilise the "world.secondlife.com/place" information too get the media playing at that time? It seems all the other information is included in the meta data, but not the music stream?

    I really just need to replicate somehow what happens when you jump from SIm to SIm and music changes anyway, or you toggle as a new artist takes over at a SIM...

    Anybody able to help out wiith this?

    (SL: Cavey Charlesworth)

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