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  1. Looking for a full sim to purchase (complete transfer), not rent! Contact me in-game through notecard if I am offline. Serious offers only please. Thank you.
  2. Hi! I've tried the group but its pretty dead, creator hasn't been on in like a month. I own two of her weapons but want to see Ancient Moon -IN PERSON- before I buy it since its pretty pricey. If any of you happen to own and can drop by for a minute or two Id love to see it :D Please and thank you!
  3. So I put this in General since it isn't really a complaint and is just a general question. I was browsing some mesh items for my avatar that I wanted to buy. I came across a very popular game *mesh* avatar. I looked at it and was instantly suspicious. Especially when the seller only has two extremely high quality items. So I gave them the benefit of the doubt for now and went to good ole Trusty Google. Since I do 3D modeling I knew where to look and went to a useful MODEL RESOURCE website. Looked up the model and low and behold I found the exact same model on the website. I looked it over for
  4. Yes thats what many people say about anything related to RLVs and giving away power. But thank you for your opinion c:
  5. Okay so for whatever reason, I can have Anti-Aliasing ticked at any setting, have a solid 50fps+ anywhere, no issues, I have perfect gameplay yadda yadda. AA - Anti-Aliasing However, if I want to play with AA on, I have to enable Lighting and Shadows, expect, shadows are ugly and I can just use a pretty windlight, but then that turns horrendous cause of all the ugly non-AA lines. ANy idea? I know people used to have AA OFF when Shadows were on but I have the exact opposite Shadows + Lighting = AA ON No Shadow + Light = AA OFF Quick brief of my laptop that I play SL on since I know its not a
  6. Ah well I meant something similair to this: @acceptpermission=<add/rem> It seems all my searches towards it lead to people also wanting it to do animations just leads to 2+ year old threads and requests and questions, But no answers yet, but thanks for the 2 cents. http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/User:Toy_Wylie/RLV_Documentation/acceptpermission Incase you don't want to click it does this: "Removes the permission dialog that normally comes up when an object asks for taking over the user's controls or attach to the avatar. Permission will always be granted. Your script still ne
  7. Hello~ I searched before and only found one thread but its for attachments and didn't really work for me to begin with...I want to be able to set the pop-up Animate Requests to auto. I'm well aware of the dangers this may include, does anyone know of a way that it can be done? I do use RLV and plugins, it would be even better if it could be in a prim. Thank you!
  8. Well specficilly she's this model https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/UTILIZATOR-Rikugou-B/3215351 Pretty much doesn't look too much like an droid but if I pop her limbs off you can see her circuit joints and what not. I know there is plenty of cyber/sci-fi sims. But I haven't been able to find one that accepts anime avatars. Which obviously my android is. I just don't want to loose hope for her c:
  9. Hi hi shameless ad for RP :3 ~ So I have a new avatar added to my collection but I really love this girl<3 I'm a semi/para Rper so I don't accept one-liners from my partners. I'm looking for a Roleplay sim that ALLOWS ANIME AVATARS. And would ALLOW ANDROID BASED AVATARS. That pretty much limits it a lot. I roleplay in other places, but obviously I can't find any places in the search that are good matches for my new avatar that I want to play so badly >: If you know any good places that allow ANIME and ANDROIDS then please let me know via reply or through here. Any active places woul
  10. Every.Single.Time I go into edit anything of a worn rigged mesh item, I crash. Just complete shut down of SecondLife, it terminates completely the moment I click the item to edit. Here is all the viewers I have tried editing it in. Official SecondLife Viewer (Up to date and the beta version.) Pheonix Viewer Firestorm Viewer Exodus Viewer Niran's Viewer Restricted Love Viewer Singularity Viewer All Viewers crash instantly except Restricted Love, Exodus and Niran. With those I can probably edit the worn mesh for between 1-5 minutes before it crashes. Is there any workaround or tweak or viewer or
  11. Top comment is wrong about cooking the laptop lmao. I have the G53SX~~~~~ G53SX is the 15" version of your G74SX. The laptops are designed with SUPERB cooling for laptops obviously to handle the GTX560M cards with NO problem. My laptop literally runs 24/7 and is not even warm to the touch. And this is while using the High Performance button that comes standard. I choose to run the game on Ultra with only 4x Anti, and all other Shadows/Occlusions on and the game is flawless with easy 20-40+ FPS on. Lower your settings to disable AA and Med settings and you pop 60+ FPS. On lowest possible g
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