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  1. Yeah, unfortunately the jacket is useless unless I can figure out a work around. I bought the jacket and shirt from same mesh creator thinking they would go together but the jacket sits at same level against skin that shirt does. Yes texturing back of shirt same as jacket would look ugly, but possibly turning the shirt into a dickie (someone else gave me the idea) and including two shirts in the package one for wearing alone and one to wear with jacket might work. What I am running into is that mesh creators who sell full perm are not taking the time to make outfits that that can be worn together. They are pumping out jackets, shirts, pants, skirts none of which can be layered. Even the crop top I bought from same designer as jacket cannot be worn with the jacket as is because of show thru near armpits. This is major bummer. I may just have to put my design visions on hold until I can make my own mesh because thousands spent on full perm mesh so that I'd have lots of options in my designs I am finding that hardly anything works together and it sucks. I wish full perm mesh creators would take the time to make their pieces work with other pieces. It's a win win for them as well if they were to do that because I would buy the set knowing that the mesh would work with the other mesh items. I just can't fathom why they would make a full perm mesh jacket that doesn't go with any of their other mesh shirts or dresses. It makes no sense to me and beleive me I tried the jacket with several of their other meshes that I purchased and nothing works. Who wants to wear a jacket with no top? I can certainly sell it with non-mesh top but I wanted to make mesh clothing. *Sighs*
  2. Hi, I am trying my hand at making my own mesh clothes (possibly to sart a business too). I don't know the first thing about 3D modeling but I am fairly good in Photoshop so for now I am buying full perm mesh and making my own textures. My problem is this, and I know there has to be a work around but I need help/advice. How do you layer mesh clothes? For example, how do you layer a mesh jacket that fits rather snugly over a shirt without part of the back sticking through or the chest/boobs? I can get away with it usually by putting on my normal small or medium shirt combined with a large or XL jacket and it will fit me. I can't sell it that way though obviously. So, I wondered how in the hecht are designers doing this? The only thing I could come up with as a possible answer is that they are making a shirt layer just for wearing with the jacket that has the jacket textures on the areas (say back and boobs) where there is poke thru? Or is it alphas as in alpha out with transparent texture the boobs and back so only the jacket shows? I know there has to be an answer but until I figure this out I am sort of stuck. I appreciate any and all feedback to this problem. Thanks.
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