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  1. Does anyone know what happened to them? I loved their hair designs but now I can't find them. Anyone know if they went into another business name? Thanks. Lewelly Morgwain
  2. HELP! I put on my clothes and my arms disappear! I've tried taking off my clothes, and that gets rid of the problem. But once I start putting on my clothes, there go my arms! I'm always being told to take off my meshes. But I can't dress if I do that. I wish we could go back in time previous to mesh, as I feel this is the culprit. But meanwhile, is there anything I can do to keep my arm on my body?''' Thanks, Llew
  3. No. But it has always bothered me to have friends in sl just disappear. I wonder if they died or just needed a break. I was going to meet a close friend one night but she was a no show. I emailed her rl acct but never heard from her again. It still haunts me. Perhaps we should make plans.
  4. I logged into SL today and it said "incorrect password". I finally ended up changing it. Then I tried again. No go. Yet, I have no trouble signing on to the community. Why and how do I fix it?
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