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  1. Also to wherorangi's post above willing to work something like that out as well. This alternative is a good idea, as for the owner of the texture being changed this would not happen at all unless it needed to be enhanced in that event provided the creator is still around the grid. I could easily pass the enhanced version back to the clothing owner to be re-uploaded however, classes on creating a higher resolution version of any image based on a lower resolution one and use of color correction techniques to fix glitches from the resample process is another option to allow the creators to have an easy to use workflow. Other options include creating photoshop/gimp scripts for recent versions of these packages that simplify the process automatically. As most of the steps involved in providing a quality resample from a lower resolution image using recent software techniques are quite a bit simplified from even a few years ago. Resample Bicubic antialias edge 1024x1024 lock aspect ratio do a color correction and maybe some adaptive sharpening and that reduces the artifacts to almost none getting really into it fixing the remaining glitches include a content aware smoothing brush or clone stamp at pixel level to smooth the same overall pixel pattern across the glitched area. The latter method takes a while longer but can still produce better results than a purely automatic method. However most images if they are created with care as I'm sure most clothing makers try to produce the first 4 steps are usually enough. If the image turns too blury simply duplicate the layer and overlay it with whatever method of blending brings out the details the best. Easy enough to script these steps into a one step operation with exception to the manual tinkering some things will invariably need. As for the textures themselves they are not really required as part of a package only the UUID is neccessary to most appliers. As for permission issues themselves with regaurd to textures I would like to see a sanctioned scripting method to spawn a texture with a different uuid to track customer licenses. In the current model that would dig into ll's pocket so I doubt that will ever happen either as they miss out on reupload fee's but still could aleviate some creators misgivings. In the current system it's possible to track the object containing the applier script as it will have a different id for each issuence not as good as tracking the texture asset itself but a way to reign in folks trying to steal somebodys work. Still with the holes in ll's permission system stealing is far too easy to accomplish to eliminate it completely. I know this kind of collaberation must be undertaken by the creator community as a whole and as for a single person being in charge of it I don't see any reason why it could not be a consortium of designers so that it's more of a way to keep people honest. The work itself of converting textures for use with mesh anybody with a little time and patience can do this pretty easily it's just the extra time involved in updating older works that pushes many designers away. Maybe in providing easy to use tools to make most of the work painless and providing a more centeralized place for people to obtain the items they want as a way to increase convience for the designers and the customers. I certainly don't intend to be in charge of anybody elses property just to make it easier for designers that don't have the time so that customers don't have to worry so much about weather this or that will work for them.
  2. I have noticed there are as of now almost an inumerable amount of system clothing availible for the classic avatar as mesh is a more recent development. With the advent of the Omega system and most human mesh avatars being compatible with it on some level or at least complient to the extent of clothing. I'd like to offer a service which basically takes any system clothing previously purchased and converts it to an omega compatible applier. With regaurds to freebies I'd like to offer these as well at least the high quality ones as appliers if the textures are availible for free if I need to enhance them to high res at cost, what are the sl users thoughts on opening a store that basically makes these availible. If clothing designers want appliers created or want to sell their appliers in the store. The price would be set by them, I'd eventually like to expand this to all skins/tattoos currently availible. The idea came to me when I was searching for clothing/skins/tattoos for both the aesthetic body and ADAM as well as helping my wife find good skins for her genre of style and compatibility with slink/mayeitra (sorry if i spelled the latter incorrectly). To my dismay I found many older outfits while high quality in appearance we're unusable because nobody had created appliers for them. This is my suggested remedy to that situation. I'd also like to propose in an effort to make this a reality that from now on if appliers are not provided for use with mesh bodies, creators release copy/mod/no-trans copies of all their textures with packages. For instance I buy a system outfit, I'd expect to get the textures for the outfit with the package if it lacks appliers this way the users of this clothing could use a simple script to create an applier config notecard/script for the omega system via drag and drop onto a prim much like the ADAM applier creation kit works. Skin creators have a couple extra steps to follow that are not difficult in the least reproducing textures with no nails on them and applying a simple mask for neckfix textures all of which is an extra 20 minutes of work at most. The idea is an eventual outcome and I'd like to start smaller with simply enhancing the currently availible freebies and making them availible in applier form. Id like to see this be a collaborative effort between designers so that no potential customer is left behind so to speak when they want to try a different outfit.
  3. No it can rez an object in the inventory but if its not copy it will rez the template and the object will then be missing from the rezzer. Set it to no transfer and it wont be copyable by randoms if its for a demo or something.
  4. In need of scripting work If its scriptable I can do it. Have over 6 years RL experience in IT including Webmastering, Programming in PHP C# VB .NET. I can also set up and secure any networking system for those projects requiring a VPS and SQL backend. Obviously I'm primarily looking for LSL scripting projects however I wanted to include these other items if for some reason your project would require a LSL to Webware bridge. You will be responsible for any textures or other assets which the scripts will require. I am a proficiant graphic designer in Photoshop Corel and Gimp if neccessary I can provide texturing for your projects mesh or not however you will need to provide the upload fee's. Also have experience with 3d modeling but again upload fees are on you. Pricing is to be determined on a project by project basis I am striving to be an affordable solution. All scripts are debugged by me and full support for them will be given as needed. Contact both in world and on the forum if interested.
  5. Thats mostly based on a timer and I could easily do this won't even charge you that much and you can have the script full perm to learn from as well. Ill be sure to comment it so you can see whats going on with it.
  6. Will you be controlling this via a hud or text commands the board is easy. The controller is the one doing most of the work you would need one however unless its time based or based on an object an avy attaches that reads thier stats then it could aproximate a wrestling match from that. Mostly time based and read hp levels that sort of thing. Actual judges would be more acurate though.
  7. If you want to link up a whole weapon set to it its not that much more work I'd be alright just throwing that in for free if need be.
  8. If you already have animations I can do this cheap (animations are not strictly neccessary from a scripting standpoint but if you do have them its important they are included so I can include them.) I imagine you want it to be useable with any such weapons as well. We can do a simple toggle button would require two textures for the on off state or if you want to have it be more generic I can generate text textures for the buttons and you can do a simple background. As for permissions everything but mod on the script if you want an open script it will be a little more but its not too much work. Say 250L$ for no mod your own use resale and 500L$ for full perm? That works out to 1$ and 2$ USD respectively? I will use a method that will make this script usable for as many different types of weapon animations as possible so long as they follow a naming convention or notecard format this way if you add weapon types later you can just drop in your listener script and the associated animations in the hud object. I would advice against any multi weapon kits in excess of 9 cause we'd be better off just falling back to a dialog based hud in that case.
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