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  1. Okay thank you Alwin... I'll wait patiently !
  2. I logged out about 2 hours ago and now I can't log in again. It says: Login failed DNS could not resolve the hostname. Please veryfy that you can og into www.secondlife.com website. If you can, but continue to recieve this error please go to the support section and report this problem.
  3. There have been some problems with the meter dispenser 1.6 ( I think that's ) Try what the reply above me says .
  4. The skyplatform measures <30, 50, 0.5> and is 1048 up in the air . The sim is classified as mature . I'm asking L$ 400 per week for it , you can use 200 prims on it . Just contact me inworld Dutchy Moonshadow .
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