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  1. Hello Being in the world now for a while, I can not agree more with your words. Most black people in SL are white people living out their fetish or ALT life. When I have picked the characters up (I would say people but they are not worthy of that name), the torrent of abuse I receive back and told where to go, (been there got the t-shirt LOL), I get racist abuse. I am told it is their right as it is a fantasy world. I tell them I would NEVER EVER betray my skin colour for NOTHING and NO ONE I am proud of myself and my origins. I get the whole fantasy world but for me there is a fine line. Also on SL changing, SL as evolved from the days it started When I first joined and for first six years EVERYONE looked out for EVERYONE, you needed something or advice, People queued up to assist and you reciprocated that generosity . However my only annoyance is in the past 3 years GREED as set in across thew world, especially the developers and the cost of items is silly. Yes I understand you made the items, BUT a computer Graphic programme did all the hard work, stop being like the real world and RIPPING us off. *RANT OVER*
  2. Hello I have paid fro 4 items in shooing basket and the money was taken yet I have not recieved anything Can I have advice please
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