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  1. thank you! I will check this out
  2. Hello! I've used Skidz Primz for around a dozen years and love it.. but lately it's super glitchy. The creator seems to have left SL so I assume updates are not going to happen. Any of you building addicts know of another tool that works as well as Skidz used to? thanks for any help, erik kayo 😂
  3. I realize this question has been marked answered but I think it was done so too soon. I also recently updated my AMD driver and now I can see hover text thru walls that I didn't see before this update. is anyone here familiar with the settings in AMD that we can adjust to fix this?
  4. i built a kitchen using a few sculpty items i didn't create and linked it... when i remove the sculpties whitch are no trans the rest of the kitchen i created is now no trans... the remaining parts of the kitchen should be full perms for me... all textures and scripts used are full perms. how can i correct this? even when the pieces are unlinked... each individual prim is no trans.
  5. its a jpg, not too big, simple face shot of me i'm using Firefox but this is happening in-world so not sure that matters
  6. where is that? :matte-motes-agape:
  7. I've seen it done on Linden-owned sims but i've never seen it on resident-owned. I want a smimming pool up on a hilltop but i hate prim water.
  8. After i tp to the destination, explore a bit, then i open the DG again it resets back to the start page.. and i have to find the place where i left off... any way to change this so that it picks up where i left off?
  9. seems all the fixed was the ability to work around it by changing your teleport landing spot.. it changed it to the ground, then set the event.. changed my landing spot to the store up high and set to routh teleports there... didnt work.. another example of LL ignoring our needs.. oh well thanks everyone for your help, looks like ill have some visitors to my personal home.. not so bad i guess.. Message was edited by: Erik Kayo because i can't type
  10. Hi!   I am trying to set the landing point for an event at my store,   when i choose the parcel i get an error: Please correct the following:Please enter a valid Z coordinate. my store is at 1000m high....  when i go down to the ground and set that as a landing point it works fine..... but thats my private home..    its a very large parcel, i am owner, and it's set in search.   so i don't see why i can't host an event at my store.    any ideas ? Thanks!!
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