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  1. Lately so many problems that are obviously not solvable, for a month the problem with the list of friends online is being solved...who needs it anyway if there are other ways to contact real friends. For that reason is not possible make any transaction (linden buy). Hope will solved soon and allow us play normal.
  2. I am not sure what happening with SL. So many days cant login into SL , really start anoying me Today again, any reasonable answer ? ps. I can login my acc on browser.
  3. Hello , when trying login i reciveing notification: Login failed. Despite our best efforts something unespected has gone wrong. Check your grid status or firewall. All is normal now, rolling restart finished, i still couldnt login into sl, only on web. Some suggestion? axxya Bandalora
  4. Hello, I have been trying to buy lindens for the last 7 days but without success. The last transaction was 30.september 2020 successful.
  5. Dear Mollymews, I like Legacy Perky , doesnt metter price , I ve bought body and paid 5000 L 2 23.04.2020. and still not recived. Sent NC to whole support, nobody couldnt help only owner. And owner is unknown and not in SL, tell me please : is it fer, is it professional ? Today is 27.04. 2020. will see when "god" will show up
  6. Ty girls, I tried immidiatly with Re-delivery terminal, but something was wrong all thet time , lioading and loading, and giving me every time only demos. After I have been there several times "RE-delivery" not showing my last purchase Looking back all those years i had 2 similar cases but resolved in couple of hours. This what happening in that store is not normal and customers dont have any protection. Consumer protection law is very clear , unfortunatly not in Second Life.
  7. Hello, I am the one who never spit over creators but this time I need react. Legacy /TMP/ have LIVEHELP, many kind people for support, but when bad things hapened nobody couldnt help, like in my case. Need waiting creator and she/he not working during weekend. i recently bought a legacy mesh Perky body for 5,000 Linden it has been over 48 hours and i still haven't received my body after sent to all stuff NC with all data and transaction history. So some of suort team answered me: it take 3 bussines days , mean monday-friday for resolve your case. After all frustraions decided to share my bad experience with Legacy shop .
  8. Hi i recently bought a legacy mesh Legacy Perky body for 5,000 Linden it has been over 48 hours and i still haven't received my body can anyone help me? STORE NAME: ''LEGACY MESHBODY PERKY EDITION OFFICIAL" NOTE: I have created NC and sent all support immidiatly. I have tried the "Re-delivery" the page have only 7 days and more old history, not this one.
  9. I did buy as always "Market Buy" . I did support ticket, nobody answer so I closed case with my agreement for donation to SL. Bad things happening, I will not die for 10$ for sure :)))
  10. Every good product finds its customer no matter the price .
  11. Hello tvoyaangel, I am undersanding well what are you saying beacuse I had 16.04.2020. same problem. I recived from PayPay mail about transaction as always: Receipt for Your Payment to Linden Research, Inc Its clear :Linden Lab got money but not transfered to me Lindens. You need contact support as I ve done with all documents you have. It will help in case. This is first time I have billing problem so I belive its only some technical issue.
  12. It happening again !! Your transaction is declined-failed !! I am using instant pay method. Last transaction was suscessfull 4.february 2017. Whats changed fron 4.february untill 10.february in Linden Research Inc. payment method ??? Thank you for rispond axxya Bandalora
  13. See most of people couldnt login , servers down ?
  14. Probably YES ¨! I have the same problem and other people.
  15. I cant by L , i have up to date Chrome , Firestorm and V3 last transaction was 27.06.2016. without problems Message is: There was a problem charging your payment method. I am using PayPal. *(on my PayyPal acc is all OK. I imediately contacted them.) My 2.step was to try with my PC in office , where I am paying online other bills. Nothing changed. So, I really need some help before contact LL support, Thank you for answer.
  16. I am using my PayPal without any problems . Last transaction was 10.feb.2016. / by LL$/ 19-20.feb.2016. couldnt by LL$ , reciving message : There was a problem charging your payment method. /i have money on my real account/, please help
  17. I bought on Marketplace from PRIMA NOCTE DESIGN one item and paid 10 L (11.07.2012) Market place sent me email but item not delivered. How many times i must pay and never see my items. Not serious from Marketplace and owner in this case "PRIMA NOCTE DESIGN" Order number: 1299641360
  18. Ok I see all have same problem with log in with V3 Not possible than all people have bad conection or bad compiutor in same time Something is wrong with SL V3 My question is :when they resolve this problem? Not answer me if am cleared cache or something else:I done everything Still not work With Firestorm I can log in
  19. thx Iren i just made a test: with my other avi i can use V3 and log in without problems, so my compiutor and conection is ok for some reason axxya cannot log in with V3. first time when i m logged with Firestorm after i saw in my inventory "Firestorm bridge" idk what is this. i saw many posts with same problems . old account like me have problems with log in just said LL "u are out of sl" with new avi dont exsist this problem. i have this troubles every month, why ? idk, maybe i have not premium acc and we are second class here
  20. ok this not happen for first time. every month i have same problem. i dont like use Firestorm but i have not other option why i cant log in with V3 and with Firestorm i can?? why doesnt exist anymore upload on V3??? After clear cache on my compiutor stll not working After all I created a new acc with a new avi and i can log in My comp and conection is not problem
  21. For 3 days i have problem with login using my Viewer after i changed into Firestorm and i can login. why?? I prefer my Viewer pls help
  22. ok , thx Angel ☺☺☺ but i still have problems with empty folders (using Viewer). after i instaled Firestorm i found all. idk how is possible? i prefer using Viewer, pls help me (I saw message from SL grid, said:resolved) but nothing happened.
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