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  1. Thanks all.. I guess I wasn't really just thinking about the function of those public spaces.. just as much about the aesthetic really. From a Euro/UKcentric point of view, I tend to think of places where people live (village, town, whatever..) as having a 'centre' .. often a few of them as towns grow and merge. Just 'feels' right if you know what I mean? Wasn't a complaint, and certainly not a request for commercial spaces 🙂
  2. Hi all, fairly new to Bellisseria and enjoying exploring and decorating my new home in Crawdad Inlet.. one thing that has struck me though and I'm curious.. I have a list of 'public' spaces and have found a number of pools etc, but is there, or are there any plans to create any 'civic' public spaces? It seems a little odd to have so much (and wow it's huge!) residential space with no 'main street' or 'town square' type of areas? I'm not thinking of anything commercial, more like libraries, coffee shops, town halls.. that kind of thing? Feels like it would break things up, maybe an opportunity for folks to hang out and meet and encourage some community stuffs? What do you think? Not necessary or wanted? As I say, I am new and sorry if it's been covered, couldn't see anything in the threads..
  3. woohoo! Following the guide here I just managed to snaffle a house 🙂 The plot is not supergreat.. a bit 'beachy' for me.. but I'm in! Thanks again folks
  4. Thanks all 🙂 I'm a long time SL resident (13 years+) but always had a 'basic' account and rented direct where I wanted to, still a noob at heart! 🙂
  5. Oh thank you.. that's good to know.. I'll keep clicking and refreshing .. didn't expect it really though as it's not made clear on the Linden blurb.. looking through the threads to see when 's best to try as I am SLT+8 (with extra lag) 🙂
  6. Thanks for posting this.. I wish I'd read the forums before I signed up for my Premium account! I've been hesitating for ages but like the look of the traditional homes.. I'm pretty annoyed that it's not really made clear on the main pages..now I've paid up for 3 months and can't pick one of the new homes.
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