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  1. Hello, what about GACHAS on MP? I didnt see anywhere says something about GACHA's on MP..
  2. Oh well, in that case, any Normal suggested name will do
  3. Me neither. Partner and me decided to go by his last name, cant wait!
  4. I am not sure what 14:00 SLT means? Thats Military time, stands for 2 pm..
  5. LittleMe, It was on the Linden page a few months ago.
  6. By the end of February the ability of changing Legacy name was supposed to be released, anyone know when this will happen eventually?
  7. Mainland / Full region, a 5008m2 with 1711 prims parcel for sale, on Manx. With protected Sunrise, stream etc'. Quiet water front parcel Parcel ID c34c1724-699b-9ade-2539-10f0b33a1974
  8. I didnt think about that, its a solution, Ty
  9. Ok, now I know what the problem is. I have been told that prim is a sculpted one. Can that be fixed so I wont sink in?
  10. aha I see. Its so frustrating, I am about to give up on the idea to have grass on my parcel
  11. Btw, editing that prim into phantom is even worst. I went to other object I can stand on and all of them do not have phantom checked in edit.
  12. Yes, I know how, but will does not mean I will hoover in general on SL?
  13. I am not on hoover settings if thats what you mean lol
  14. Done the way you told me to edit it, it didnt work. I am on FS as well..
  15. I think probably not as this is the issue with the "drowning". How do I set it to phantom pls?
  16. I have a pacel on a mainland, therefore I cant texture the ground (I wanted a grass floor) so I build a 1 prim grass bed, lower the ground as possible and placed it on the ground. Problem is, my feet are "drowned" inside the grass bed. No matter how low or high I place it, my feet are still stuck inside the bed. Any suggestions please on how to fix that? I use FireStorm.
  17. I am on that Viewer, and this is when all troubles with the stream started...
  18. Logging in and out everytime it happens? I might as well delete SL... it happens every couple of minutes.
  19. No worries about it. Ok, so I opened the link, and tried the speedtest... what am I suppose to do after it? (Totally technology dumb lol)
  20. Yes, the link wont open. I am on 500 kbps... I never changed it
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