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  1. Hi Heisie, I just came across your post and tried an experiment. although my texture map was not done correctly, hopefully u can see my texture animated... https://gyazo.com/ea742e79fc334d2e0c715195f4a4a692 I'm not sure if this is suitable for your needs though.
  2. Hi all, I want to create a short film using RL and SL footage. I'm struggling to figure out how to match my SL camera angle to the camera angle of my RL video footage. I want to seamlessly cross fade from RL to SL footage as if the room i am standing in suddenly changes from real to animated. Also, what if camera tracking is involved as opposed to having a locked off shot on a tripod. Can anyone offer any insight on this subject?
  3. i just installed the SL software as downloaded from the download page. However, SL reports that my graphic drivers did not install properly or the hardware is not supported and will not run SL. I use an Nvidia 8800GT which worked the last time SL was installed. Any help? I am running Windows 7 with 4Gb RAM, dual core procesor
  4. i tried till my eyes bled in the latest viewer to no avail, However, I tried Phoenix firestorm and had a good result, does anyone know what the difference is? or more to the point, how to enable it in the latest viewer?
  5. I believe i have all requirements in place but I am still unable to upload mesh. my model was successully uploaded by a friend though. I completed the quiz, I have payment info recorded, I am using viewer V3.03, I am usually on Agni but have also tried Aditi. The quiz result reads 10/10 but graphically shows 9/10. The payment info part of my upload status page shows I have no payment info on file although I have info on file. The fields on the upload status page are both pink and do not show the same data that is in my account pages. Any help would be greatly appreciated
  6. I have payment info supplied and have completed the copyright questionaire but this is not reflected on my mesh upload status page, how can I remedy this situation?
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