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  1. Yes Limerence has an in world store maybe they have gachas there, seems like they do but can't remember.
  2. Thanks for the reply! Ok good info but I should have mentioned that I have already been uploading the textures at 2048 because the template I'm working with is that size. I haven't actually tried to upload at 1024, might have to try and see what happens. It has me stumped how my catwa lipstick looks so clear and vector-like though, or how clear the details are on the skins i have now. Even when i play with sharpen or blurs in photoshop the result is unacceptable at this resolution, just not enough pixels. Part of it could be that I've never looked so close because I was just buying s
  3. I'm working on my first skins and pubic hair and understand there's a limit of 1024 for textures in SL. My stuff looks really pixelated compared to the skins I already use which I could swear seem like higher resolution. I've been using lossless png files as output but just not enough information there for the details I'm trying to achieve. How is it that with my Catwa head the lipstick and makeup seem so smooth, almost no pixels detectable even up close, like a vector? Thanks, any advice would be appreciated.
  4. Until someone comes out with a better place to play barbie doll dress up with the kind of options available on SL I don't see it going anywhere. You can pretty much get the exact look you're going for here, I'm not aware of anywhere else better for character creation. People still making new mesh bodies, clothes and hair coming out like crazy, still a lot of money being spent apparently.
  5. Yeah it must be because you're avatar is so new and it limits where you can go, generally people aren't going to cause problems.
  6. I was looking for bento dances myself a few days ago and ended up getting a few from the Paragon place you mentioned. I searched a few places including Abraminations but went back and found some club style grooves at Paragon on the opposite wall to the Salsa dances that I thought were better. I got an IM from the store with a free bonus dance and he said they are getting new dances in soon.
  7. I don't know, I think you would have to start trying on demo head skins until you find one close. Maybe the maker of that body has one.
  8. I had an issue the other day where I could rotate around but not move in any direction. I checked the movelock and it was off. Only thing that worked for me was disabling RLV functions in firestorm and logging back in.
  9. I wonder if it would be easier to adjust your head color and reapply the default mesh body skin.
  10. Yeah I've had that happen a few times with gatcha items off the marketplace, so annoying.
  11. I'm a long time Maitreya user myself and was hoping I would be able to use my huge library of maitreya clothes with the new Legacy but haven't had much luck with the deformers. I haven't played around too much but it seems like it basically turns the body into a maitreya shape to make clothes fit, different than the Legacy shape. The Maitreya shoes all work great though except for taller boots. The good news is that there are tons of new things coming out for it, enough where I've stopped using my maitreya body and can focus on using Legacy exclusively. It's definitely a waste with the amount
  12. Thanks I found it and it works! In the alpha section, two buttons each remove half of the scalp in the rear. Thanks again
  13. I've got a new hair that i really like but noticing the back of my scalp shows through unless i adjust the shape sliders to the point where I don't like the head shape it gives me. Does anyone know of an alpha or something that could get rid of the back of the head while I'm wearing certain hair like this, sort of how it works with the body alphas where you can hide certain sections? Searched around and I don't see anything like this. Thanks for any info
  14. On the marketplace I usually set the search parameters to list by rating and it always ends up showing the most popular stuff being the free items or 1L. Or else set the search to have a price under a certain amount. I get so many free clothing items this way I don't have time to search through it all in my inventory. Also there is the SL16b celebration going on right now where they have a huge mall with a free gift at each store, mostly clothes but some hair, furniture and other items, it just takes forever to get through it all and its so laggy.
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