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  1. Located in the snow lands overlooking frozen Lake Zermatt, the snow leopard preserve is for sale! This is a 27,376 sqm parcel. Surrounding land owners have kept the mainland blights of sky pollution, security orbs, and ban lines to a much lower level than most of the grid, resulting in a much better experience than so many places. This has also been the site for the annual SL community holiday festival for the last three years running. It is one of the best places on the mainland that I have ever seen. 

    Asking price: $3.7L per sqm

    Location: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Koss/87/89/122

  2. For the first time since Bellisseria's very early days, the Evil Cat (me) has given up her Bellisseria house and is no longer in a Bellisseria group. I have no more meaningful involvement with Bellisseria and no plans to return, but you never know, right?

    But of course we had a lot of fun. And I don't want to leave the building without thanking everyone for that. So many thanks to everyone. I hope the evil cat antics entertained everyone. 🙂

    You might see me at an event now and then, but that's about it. 

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  3. On 9/21/2021 at 10:46 AM, Qie Niangao said:

    Mainland itself is a very different situation now, with ancient orb-worship an entrenched religion of believers in the god-given property rights of pixels. If intrusive parcel and script settings were no longer available on Mainland, of course Estates could fill the demand, but I'd fear more than a few folks would just quit SL land ownership altogether, out of spite.

    The same people with the same "me me me" attitudes complained about the restrictions on Bellisseria. Then they wrote posts in the forums thanking LL for those same restrictions hen they realized the situation benefited them. If past is prologue, that seems to bode well . . . but of course there's uncertainty and you could be right and I could be wrong.

    On 9/21/2021 at 10:46 AM, Qie Niangao said:
    1. I don't recall the whitelist banline ever being other than 50m Above Ground Level. I vaguely recall the explicit "blacklist" bans extending upwards from 768 to 4096m when the build height was raised, but I'm not real sure about that history.

    When I created my first account in July 2006, it was at 4096. I became a good customer of Cubey Terra's planes and a frequent flyer at Abbott's Aerodrome back when it was the main center of SL aviation. Then, alas, I gave up. It was just too problematic that no matter how high I flew or no matter where I went, I'd run into the ban lines. 

    Past is prologue . . . and now we have the same issue, but it's with orbs in place of ban lines. Even worse because keeping someone off your land is one thing. Teleporting my avatar without my permission is something else. What happened to this whole issue of people having the right to control what they pay for? I pay a few hundred per month and I don't get to control my own avatar?


    On 9/21/2021 at 10:46 AM, Qie Niangao said:
    1. It's possible that further development enabled by the cloud migration could make it much less expensive to run sparsely-populated regions. No idea where that may stand on the priority list for server development.

    Well, the above is actually #2 on your list, but when I quoted it, the forum system changed the number. Just wanted to say that your point seems logical. After all, wasn't cost cutting the whole point of the move? But even so, the cost can't be zero for those abandoned regions. And zero does seem to be the income from them.


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  4. 1 hour ago, Qie Niangao said:

    I'm pretty sure, though, there used to be some enforcement against hair-trigger orbs. Not sure when we heard about it, but I'd guess sometime around when Zindra was created, and the reported penalty was only return of the scripts with a warning; I don't recall anybody saying a suspension was involved.

    Yup. I've personally reported zero warning orbs that got removed. Now LL doesn't seem to do it. Kinda strange to say, "hey, you shouldn't do it, but awwww it's okay if you do."

    1 hour ago, Qie Niangao said:

    Somebody should go to Governance (or Concierge?) user group to see what the Lindens actually think the Mainland policy even is now. I'd be surprised if there's agreement (and more surprised if they agreed that zero-warning kick-bans were just fine).

    At one point there was a group of us that came together to talk to Linden Labs by doing exactly this. At one of the usergroup meetings I personally went to, the Lindens present were surprised to learn there was any policy at all. One of the big successes of this group seemed to be Bellisseria's orb restrictions in that Belli opened without them, they were then imposed, and Belli proved to be a massive success for what LL told us they wanted the whole of SL to be--a friendly, social space. And, incidentally, something that made people pay up for premium memberships.

    1 hour ago, Qie Niangao said:

    As I usually post to these threads, it's far too late now to establish a meaningful "right to roam" policy for Mainland, but that once upon a time it would have made LL a lot of money over the years to limit the more restrictive access features (whitelist banlines, llTeleportAgentHome) so they'd operate only on Estates. For one thing, the pretend-privacy aficionados and proprietors of animatronic brothels, etc., would be paying slightly more for Estate fees than for Mainland tier, and more interestingly, Mainland would have been as visitor-welcoming as Bellisseria which has proven a very big draw (and, I'd suggest, not only for vehicle users).

    I disagree. Again, Bellisseria was opened without any restrictions. And then the restrictions were added after. The same could be done on the rest of mainland. In fact, some might remember the old days when banlines reached up to the max build height of 4096m. Nowadays they only go above 50m above ground level. That was a massive improvement introduced later. 

    Moreover, all of the abandoned mainland costs LL money to maintain, but it doesn't generate any revenue. If I were LL, I'd be very interested in getting some income from all that abandoned land. Making mainland attractive would help a lot and the way it is now obviously isn't working. In fact, we see that private estates and the handful of mainland areas with restrictions on orb abuse and ban lines are the places that are actually generating $$$.

    Of course, the cost of enforcing the policy is an issue. We know that LL has found it laborious and expensive to enforce in Bellisseria. But having a uniform grid wide policy would be a heck of a lot easier and less expensive for LL to enforce. Orb makers would release updates that complied with the policy thereby replacing many non-compliant ones. Non-compliant orbs could be removed by automated gridwide search and removal tools just as has been done in the past with other griefing tools, IP infringing objects, etc. in the past. After all, if LL can ban gachas, there's no reason they can't ban other things. It's just a matter of choosing. 

    And, of course, I'm one person who is cutting my mainland holdings and the amount that I pay LL per month directly because of ban lines and security orbs. I'm certainly not running out of funds to pay tier. But I'm choosing to cut down on it because I don't want to pay for the experience and I'm tired of spending hundreds of USD per month to support things that are meant to be found by explores when LL does not provide a place to explore. I know I'm not the only one. And when people start cutting things they create for the community, that means the whole community loses. Not just LL.

    Which brings us back to that point about people advocating for making SL a better place for all versus people whose perspective is limited to "me me me" and nothing more. 

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  5. 11 hours ago, Rowan Amore said:

    There has never been such a policy on mainland.  The above quote you mentioned said scripts should and not scripts must.  Wording is important.

    If the only thing you can find to disagree with in all that I said is to quibble over interpreting one word, then I am gratified that we already agree on so much.

    Then there’s the people who like to say it uses the word generally and they—and everyone else—is an exception to the general rule that should get an exception.

    The other favorite for those who promote ban line and security orb abuse is to argue that it only requires “adequate warning” and no notice at all is adequate, therefore the requirement to provide adequate warning actually doesn’t require providing any warning at all. Which means basically it’s a line of text that may as well not exist. And it states a requirement that doesn’t actually require anything. Not very sensible, but it’s what the ban line/orb people say. 

    But the thing I’ve always found especially galling is the difference in morality. We have some people whose whole perspective is “my land, I do whatever I want.” Then we have people who want to make SL a better place for everyone. Selfishness vs. responsibility I suppose. 

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  6. Another interesting, related question would be why do people who own multiple parcels get rid of them? Apart from money issues, I mean. 

    For myself, I'm gradually downsizing. A lot of it has to do with frustration over ban line and orb abuse. What's the point of keeping things open for others to use when others can't really get there? Another part of it has to do with my own getting busier in real life. And still another part has to do with just feeling burned by the SL community. 

  7. At the last SLB, Patch said LL would not be further restricting ban lines or security orbs on the mainland because they want the mainland to be free, accessible, and travelable or words to that effect. I'm not sure how that makes sense at all given that the ban lines and security orbs prevent exactly those things from happening. 

    What I can say is that I've been funding a forest in the snowlands overlooking Lake Zermatt, two airports, a marina, and a museum, all of which are kept open for everyone free of charge with no ban lines. The freedom, accessibility, and travelableness of the mainland enabled by all these banlines and orbs makes it very difficult for people to even get to those places. And I've been very frustrated about it for a long time. Especially since LL no longer seems to be enforcing the policy against zero warning orbs quoted above. 

    At this point I've started downsizing and I'm not sure when I'll quit. But I am tired of paying hundreds of USD to LL per month so I can provide free things for people when people can't easily travel there and use them. And I'm tired of feeling confined to my own land because I can't wander outside of it without risking somebody's orb teleporting me home with no warning at all. I'm trying to move what I get rid of into the hands of people who will continue them on . . . but the bottom line is that the ban line and orb abuse so interferes with the experience that I'm no longer willing to pay for it as I have been. I'd imagine I'm not alone. So I'd imagine some of the spots I've kept open and funded for the benefit of everyone will be disappearing over the next few months. Maybe to be replaced by parcels surrounded by ban lines and zero warning security orbs. I'd probably keep things open if it were not so difficult to travel around the mainland. 

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  8. 1 hour ago, BJoyful said:

    A new owner is a drastic change and we certainly hope all will turn out for the best when the dust settles... and a Museum dedicated to the process and to many treasured memories is a wonderful and positive thing!  Certainly we will have some funny photos and memories to contribute and we're sure @Female Winslet will be a great curator of the community's museum.  Without Museums we may forget our history and be forever doomed to repeatedly fail instead of progressing. ♥

    I will do my best! Thank you to you and to everyone else for the encouraging words! I much appreciate them!

    1 hour ago, Prokofy Neva said:

    You really should write as much of this down as you can now because it is invaluable history and help to others! I know you have to budget your time strictly but maybe just speak on to a tape and edit it later.

    I've thought about asking Joy and Doc if they'd write a history of Campbell Coast for the museum. I don't want to ask too much . . . but it would be cool at some point if it's not too much trouble. 🙂


    1 hour ago, Prokofy Neva said:

    The sea front sim is now an airport. This mystifies me. Are airports a thing? I mean, I see bunches of them defacing the gorgeous Blake Sea coast, but I guess you can rent slips out? Or maybe sell the planes themselves, which of course are cool.

    SL has had an active and sizable aviation community for quite a long time. Due to the widespread abuse of security orbs that put up a bunch of pop-ups and interrupt flights by teleporting people home with little or no notice, most SL aviators tend to fly mainly or exclusively over protected water. For the same reason, airports and other aviation facilities tend to also be right adjacent to the coast. It also avoids situtions where people who buy land near the airport in the takeoff or landing path and setup ban lines or orbs that prevent the airport that was there before from operating. There have been issues of that.

    Still, the waterfront need not be ugly. I like to think we've done well at making White Star look nice from the sea. 🙂 Not that I'm responsible. I'm one of the owners, but did not design or build it. 

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  9. I own land mainly to keep things of value open to the community. I have:

    • A small marina that provides a rezzing area with space for helicopters and boats near Mare Secundus;
    • A large area in Koss setup as a nature preserve with old buildings overlooking Lake Zermatt in the snowlands, which also becomes a community holiday celebration area from Thanksgiving through the New Year;
    • Two airports (one I co-own, the other I own outright); and
    • A museum I'm launching for a much beloved art colony that is still in existence in name, but most of the community and the artists have left. 

    Apart from my own house in Bellisseria, that's the main stuff. It's all open to the public and intended for the public to enjoy. No ban lines and no security orbs. A ban is a pretty rare thing. 

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  10. Campbell Coast was an art colony near and dear to many of us. I had the first ever photography exhibition in my life there and did DJ sets. Many others were artists, performers, renters, and community members. I am eternally thankful to the original ownership for giving me that opportunity as it turned out to be the first of an increasing number of photography jobs in my real life. 

    While Campbell Coast still exists, a change in ownership has made it a different place and resulted in many people choosing to move on. Change is inevitable, of course, and people do move on. That's just life.

    But I'd like to see that community spirit memorialized and, ideally, continued before the original community of people evaporates and becomes too difficult to find. So, I've managed to acquire an original piece of the Campbell Coast real estate. I'm preserving as much of it as I can in its original condition and using it to start a Campbell Coast Museum in honor of the original place. I've also arranged to acquire an original Campbell Coast building to house it in. And even the land description info is being preserved as close as possible to the original. 

    All who have been a part of the original Campbell Coast are invited to be involved! Some already are! You can contribute items from the original Campbell Coast. Props from events. Photos of events. Anything you find significant from the original Campbell Coast is welcome. Also, people who are not yet involved are welcome to join the Campbell Coast Museum in world. We might even try to bring back some of the old events if people are so inclined. 

    Please contact me with any questions. You can find the museum parcel here. 


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  11. Wow. Honestly I thought Riot Hax was the slenderman. I am wrong! Wow. Well done! And as one of the Bellisseria characters myself . . . may I just say thank you for adding to the personality and color within the Bellisseria community and for being another character who has entertained us all?

    P.S. You are still not a more evil cat because you are not a cat. 🙂

    P.P.S. Even though I'm evil, I hope your life improves and gets better. I'm sorry it has taken some rough turns. 😞


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  12. In fairness, many things in SL are rather petty. Parcel bans, for example. I've been given lifetime bans by people I've never even met. Once in a while they post things in their land description to make clear they are mad at me for an opinion I stated on these forums--usually for saying something needs to be done about orb and ban line abuse. Other times I have no clue who the person is or why my name is on their ban list. 

    I hate to say it, but why should retail transactions be any exception?

    SL is a community full of all kinds of people. That's part of what makes it so great. Most people are pretty decent. But unfortunately, some people are petty jerks. That includes merchants too. I just wish we had better means of addressing it when people cross lines beyond being merely petty jerks.

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  13. I was surprised to hear of Ebbe's passing. We all lost someone who was important to us today. I really don't know what to say beyond that except to offer my condolences especially to the team at LL, as they probably knew him best and are probably even more saddened than the rest of us.

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  14. 22 hours ago, Mouse Mysterious said:


    On behalf of my client... The Bellisseria Slenderman...


    The Bellisseria Slenderman will be taking a break until further notice. 

    [remainder deleted]

    So does this mean that the Evil Cat's win in the battle of Bellisseria evilness is official?

    Many have tried to out-evil the Evil Cat. None have succeeded. The Evil Cat continues on.


    The Evil Cat

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  15. Here is thes chedule for the Christmas Day Show to be held today, Christmas Day, at the Season of Love & Friendship. Thank you to all performers participating. Please do come join us and bring your friends. You need not celebrate Christmas to attend. All are welcome. None will be turned away. 


    All performances located here http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Koss/72/157/162

    3:00 pm to 4:00 pm DJ Female 
    4:00 pm to 6:00 pm DJ Crim Mip
    6:00 pm to 8:00 pm DJ Epitome
    8:00 pm to 9:00 pm DJ Female

    For further details on the Season of Love & Friendship, please see announcement here: 


  16. Happy Holidays, Happy Kwanza, Merry Christmas, Happy Hannukah, Happy Saturnalia, and Happy Solstice!

    This is a holiday celebration open to all Second Life residents who celebrate any winter holidays! Especially this year, when so many of us cannot celebrate with family and friends, I want you to come celebrate with me.

    Here is how to join in:
    (1) Go here:  http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Koss/87/89/123
    (2) Join the group "Season of Love & Friendship" by clicking on the potted Christmas tree with the message in red text. 􀀁 The landmark should drop you right in front of one. You can also join via search or by IMing me.
    (3) Rez or build holiday decoration(s) that you enjoy. It can be anything. There are no size limits or limits on number of copies. You are welcome to decorate and enjoy the cabin, the snow shelter, and anything else on the parcel.

    On January 8, 2020, I will return all items. Please do not rez anything that is no copy because such items sometimes get deleted.

    Please invite others to participate. Total strangers are welcome. This is for everyone and radical inclusion is the order of the day!

    If you are a DJ/performer, I'd like to hear from you! There will be a show on Christmas Day and I need volunteers! I want to show all those who are lonely on the holidays that they are not alone. 

    Please contact me with any questions.

    Female (female.winslet)

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  17. FOR SALE!

    The former headquarters of LiaEx, the Company to call when you absolutely, most definitely do not need it there tomorrow. Or next week. Or next month. 

    This 3072 sqm parcel is in Corsica at the end of a Protected Linden canal and has protected water access allowing you to sail all the way down to Nautilus and the Blake Sea. The parcel is situated on the edge of a sim and across that sim is SL's very own Disneyland! It's across the sim so it won't lag you, but close enough to be fun! 🙂

    Asking price: 30,000L

    I'd very much like to see it go to someone who will use it instead of a land baron who will double or triple the price and let it sit vacant for years. Location? Right here:


  18. 1 hour ago, Foggypebble Muircastle said:

    DJs, what's the average tip you get?

    I'm not sure exactly what the question means. Individual tip amounts vary a lot. I would say anything up to 500L is a typical tip, but I have had them go much higher. 

    The total tips for a gig vary. I've been in semi-retirement where I have only been doing special events and such. One time gigs. I do have a client who hires me repeatedly. This is typically 30-60 people. The sets are usually 1 hour instead of the typical 2 hour sets in clubs. I usually have a total tip amount 1500L-3000L for the hour.

    I sorta kinda came out of my semiretirement (haven't decided if I want to go find a club gig or not) two weeks ago to start doing a regular set at a friend's place. The place is new. The set I'm doing has never existed before. It's only happened twice before. It's a typical 2 hour set, but we're only getting 5-7 people right now. And I forgot to put out a tip jar at all the first. And the first half of the second time. And then I got 750L in tips for the second half of the set on the one time I put out a tip jar. 🙂

    Like I said . . . I sometimes am forgetful. I usually forget to even tell people I have a DJ group and if you were to look at the group you might notice I didn't create it. A fan got mad at me for not having one, created it, and invited me to join. So I may be the only SL dj who did not make their own DJ group. I don't have a subscribo . . . I forget to send out notices in the group I do have . . . and, yeah, I hate doing the self promotion stuff and I'm really bad at it.

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