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  1. for the gtx 560Ti, any settings are good... except for the draw distance... increasing that will slow down the framerate. the sim you are in has some affect on your framerate, in the magnum beta testing sim the framerate is always high it seems. (in the LL homes sims, the FPS seems to vary depending on draw distance, cpu and GPU) if you are finding that this is not the case, the problem is the CPU. because a Intel Core2Quad Q6600 (a 2007 cpu, 2.4 GHz) a bit slow... but the upside is that a gtx560Ti is NOT the bottleneck in the system and the card is great for gaming. i can get 30 fps with
  2. thank-you... it works... now if I can solve the log-in problem, all will be fine... LOL BTW, i can log in on other computers, so thank-you for your info...
  3. In order to determine if it is yor computer(graphics card) or second life please reply with the graphics card model number... If you don't know that and you bought the computer, lookup the model of the graphics card. (or what is the make and model) Having win64 on a purchased computer means it is recent thus, should be able to run SL ( i have had SL running on a "budget" laptop running win7 so it should run...)
  4. Go to your inventory and find the item you rezzed (it will be in bold) then either "detach" or "remove ". It. That should make your home re-appear. If you have not emptied the trash, it should still be there. (you can't delete your linden home) If abandon your linden home you can change the model type by findimg another.
  5. I find that replacing the outfit with another one works. (should be completely different). If it doesn't, clear cache. Log out, log in...
  6. Well Being less than a year old... But the Best thing that they introduced was the linden homes. I kind-of-didn't want to join SL, due to the cost and effort of building a home (small yes, but an annoyance) Had these thoughts (that were misguided) of the difficultly of getting land, paying for it, dealing with neighbors tall/sky objects and locating/designing the house. Also the option of not having to pay a monthly fee.. (if you just want to live off of the clothes on your back in SL)
  7. Females (in rl) vs females ( in sl)... And females as males in sl and males as females in sl and so on... ( read the classic forum "is it all right to play as a female in second life". Old thou... Perhaps 2 years old...
  8. Because you can not charge for the viewer, there is next to no chance that a graphical viewer will be developed for the ipad or zoom... But any tablet that could be a laptop also (without the keyboard) that can run win7 or a complete linux install could ( by virtue of the fact that any program can run on It.) LOL... What's easier ? Removing the keyboard on a mac book air or rewriting the viewer as an app for the ipad?...
  9. So you can log in, but fail or time out getting to any region or second life. Try hooking up an ethernet cable, and then disable the wifi, and try again... To make sure it's not the wireless section of the router. Then try viewer 1, if that does not work, reinstall viewer 2, and try again.
  10. Have you tried becoming a premium member?, or using a credit card for payment info. Back about a year ago I used my canadian drivers license and it worked. (it's moot point now becuase i have payment info on file.)
  11. SL does run on mac's ...at least for me. I got the development viewer running on a white maobook intel (2009 ) 310 nvidia. Ran well. ( I can't remember the exact version but i think it ws around 2.6) When the osx version "lion" arrives in july... Upgrade to it. That perhaps will solve your problems. And give you alot of mac specfic features!
  12. I have had that problem, Switching to a completly different outfit or a different outfit has solved that problem for me (of the times that i have remember it has happening to me) . (the clear cache and relog works also) .
  13. your included link to a laptop uses an ATI/AMD Radeon HD 4250, so at notebookcheck.net , using WOW as benchmark got 31fps on low, and 17fps on med. and commented "With most tested laptops not playable"... so long story short, IMAO is not good enough. (look for an apple laptip, or one that has directx 11) and you should be o.k. imho. furthermore... anything with a brand-new gpu... unforunately, they get expensive (over thousand), (alienware... dell's gamer laptop line..) But having said that, check the "Popular Mobile Graphic Cards", at "notebookcheck . net" they have a extensive lis
  14. Happens when you have a brand new GPU, that SL doesn't recognise, so to be safe it defaults to the minimum settings... I prefer ULTRA, and the shadow and lighting options all on in the develop menu, but that is a killer for all gpus... including the 6970 which i have... eye-candy YES!
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