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  1. It's Ce'lie coton midriff tank, it was available at the shop some times ago (TMP : http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/The%20Shops/128/128/4) but it's designed for TMP mesh body. Though I'm not sure it's still there
  2. "disable camera constraints" unset in V2 but set in imprudence.... i don't remember where it is in tabs... maybe advanced or so *edit for too short answer* setting of advanced menu: "ctrl+shift+d" then check or uncheck "disable camera constraints". both viewer has it you can put it off in imprudence aswell as putting it on in V2
  3. “caveat emptor” does not apply in this situation as this is not a material item but a virtual one, further, land comes under other laws but again is not covered in virtual world’s (as yet) however, deception is a law that covers both real life and Virtual world's and is therefore enforceable assuming that the propagator was aware that his virtual land would be reposed and therefore acted with deception in taking money he was not entitled to take so acting in a fraudulent manner. And yes, I do deal with Law :-)
  4. hum... sometimes I look at what happens with the network.... to make short... average SL sessions... 2 hours... 4 TP with full loading of sim (yess I often clear my cache) don't know if the distance limit has ot do there... but set to 128m all others graphics are set on ultra result: between 350Mo and 600Mo per session went throught the network..... sooo happy my ISP doesn't count it!!!!!
  5. hello the googlecode site is used by the emerald team to lower their site load. when you go on their website, it can happen that the download page is linked to a googlecode one it's the same place, but in doubt, better to go to the official emeraldsite http://modularsystems.sl... or search for emerald in google then go to the download page from there.
  6. hello well, I'm interrested to know too, anyway I've found a trick to downsize balls to 1mm I just use the minimum size of the ball, 1cm then put a hole in it (from 10 to 50, equivalent to 1mm to 5mm) I just need to set the exterior texture to transparent and the interior as I need (using "select one face" in the menu) another tip..... to reach the inside texture, you need to open the ball (half is better to select) ok, it's not really a tinyprim but it works ans you can do the same with rings and cylinder (just a problem with cylinder... when using the hole function, the tinyprim made that way stay open on side... didn't find how to solve that.. if anyone as a clue? *adding* found this: http://www.mermaiddiaries.com/2007/05/day-223-creating-jewelry-part-3.html nelly
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