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  1. Thanks. I was hoping there was a faster way but it sounds like just collecting each item is the only way.
  2. Hi, I want to pack up all my stuff on my land and sell the land. Is there any way to get it all without doing an auto return? Last time I had auto return, most of it was all stuck together in bunches and was a mess to sort. Is there an easier way than just clicking on each item (I have a LOT!) Thansk!
  3. Thanks.. I had his first name but not the last. They were able to help me access my logs.
  4. I was told there is a way to access my private chat file to locate the name of a person I met last night. Can someone tell me how? Im on an iMac using OS X Yosemite. Thanks!
  5. I met you there and we had a lovely conversation. My Internet crashed and didnt come back until now. I didnt friend you but would like to see you again.
  6. I met someone last night but crashed before friending him. Just got my Internet back up. Is there ANY way to see my history of private chat and find his name???
  7. I use an iMac with a 25" screen and a Macbook pro for SL. Im currently running Phoenix as my viewer. Any other Mac users out there who recommend a different viewer? What about settings? I appreciate any suggestions. Seems like my loading and grapics arent working like they used to and thinking my settings may need to be adjusted. My iMac is 3.2 GHz core i3 25" screen 4GB memory ATI Radeon HD graphics
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