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  1. Todd Ronwood wrote: To be fair to the OP, I don't think he's complaining so much about why his account was suspended but why someone who pays can't use the LiveChat feature. Indeed. As was mentioned here. Note that whatever searching sanctions LL might impose on accounts currently in dispute, I'm more that happy to attempt a search at my own personal peril if the OP is willing to reveal the account name, which so far, hasn't occurred.
  2. Luca Giordano wrote: i haven't mentioned name of suspended account, because with it i cant post here i cant log in world i cant open my dashboard i cant open live chat i cant do nothing! Trust me, in my first profile was written "payment info used" with about 1350 days if this was your doubt.Yes im an alt, and the question is: what is happening is normal? in what concerns the way you write, you seem to be irritated by something, and do not understand why. Not at all sir, in fact it's probably not humanly possible for an individual to care less, but if you weren't already, you should be aw
  3. Luca Giordano wrote: Alec, read in my profile -----questo è un alter---- means "this is an alter", my first account is not available and not visible in search -.-" As you're posting in the english forums, let me repeat your translation free of charge. "I am an alt" Now since I'm the curious type, which particular account was banned? The alt you're posting under or the other account you're not mentioning, but which LL have decided is phoney?
  4. Luca Giordano wrote: I also pay to be supported and, when i need it, it doesn't happen? As an aside, I'm confused by this "I also pay to be supported" part. What am I missing?
  5. Ah, well I'm far from an expert, but my understanding is that LL won't enter into a debate with you while they suspect you might be a 13yo kid, regardless of whether you're premium or not. Sounds like you'll need to go through the process of waiting until they confirm you are who you say you are. You might choose to use this period to reflect on why you're being repeatedly chased for identity confirmation...
  6. Maybe by explaining the missing half of the story, this question will become clear. Why are you suspended?
  7. Apologies for not spoon feeding you with an answer requiring even less effort on your part Charolotte, however if you invested some necroposting time into xstreet searching, you'd likely be wearing your new avatar now.
  8. You could run one of the text-only clients, but that's probably not the experience you're looking for. The netbook is going to be an even greater challenge..
  9. Probably not the smartest move to be naming those people here dude.
  10. Callista Silvansky wrote: We've tried logging in and out again, and changing his outfit to some of the various default outfits provided from by Linden Labs, but to no avail. Once you go black you can never go back. Apparently.
  11. Just mute them as they appear. It takes him far longer to create a bogus account than it takes you two to mute it forever. I mean, it's a fake virtual world.. how bad could it possibly be in the larger scheme of things?
  12. Vick.Forcella wrote: ok, replace lawyers with judges to make it more interesting. Perception is very important since the common user doesn't read or understand the TOS, one reason is easy, it isn't written is the correct language.Ok now I'm beginning to see where you're coming from. You're talking about an aggrieved user bringing LL (USA) before a court in a foreign land, right? With those simple questions it's plausible a judge (in France) will rule L$ *is* a currency. With the amount of L$ available in-world that same judge could rule that LL is in fact a bank. I guess this is quite poss
  13. Vick.Forcella wrote: I wonder what lawyers of different countries would say. A challange of this would be very interesting specially since the TOS is not applicable no matter what it tells. I'm not sure where lawyers would fit into the picture. L$ is no more listed on the worldwide currencies market than is a coupon for a free car wash. What would the lawyers be challenging? TOS is even more irrelevant.
  14. ↑ What Lissa said. They've gone about as far as they can without having to deal with the hassles of a real currency and the associated currency market (not a place that a relatively small company wants to go).
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