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  1. Yes just like Skell, I hate when I paid full price for something to then find it put on sale so quickly, It seems like the creator has a total lack of business sense or is just intentionally trying to peeve off their full paying customers.
  2. Not Sure where this exact dress is from , but I have one similar from what next
  3. Trying out an Oriental Avi for a while got the Fantasic Ryn Head from Lelutka, Also Picked up Fleur but have not tried it out yet.
  4. It's a pity that they have had to do that and people cannot just behave appropriately
  5. Seriously, people are waiting for a 1Linden refund.. please tell me you are joking. I am Scottish and we are known for being tight, even I would just grab my head and tp out.
  6. In the old days Lelutka made really lovely skins, wish they would start again, as for the heads I have about 8 of them including 3 of the new releases, Might has well have Lelutka, tattooed on me. Totally my favourite brand.
  7. Ah crap, I am actually from Dunbar in RL, I so wanted to live on that region.
  8. I did not play the GOH, I originally had a house in Fofita, which was landlocked and I really wanted some water close by and then was lucky enough to get my Vic on an island. I paid my Premium account for a year as it was much cheaper, and I use my stipend to fund the rent of my little Gatcha shop, So all and all I am satisfied with my Premium. The extra groups and the marching into any event unhindered is a total winner for me. Yes the prims are low, and I have had to decorate really carefully. I would pay extra for some extra prims..500 prims.. I think would be a more realistic number.
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