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  1. Not all of us have avvies large enough to have their own zip code. It's bad enough when the prim attachments aren't mod, but it's way more frustrating when the prim attachment is moddable, but it can't be sized down b/c it was a) made w/ eentsy prims and b) sized for The Incredible Hulk at its smallest size option. I have stacks of inventory that I can't wear b/c the "moddable" outfit was made w/ some components at the smallest possible size, but the overall piece is still designed for an avvie on par w/ the Jolly Green Giant. WHen I've tried to point this out and ask them to please not do that, they a) ignore me, or b) get huffy at the feedback, so I've found it's much easier just to add those designers to my "Never shop there again" list. WHich also tends to be my "NEver refer friends looking for cool clothes to that guy" list as it turns out.
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