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  1. RowanMinx: the status of the green light when I use the voice. Solved!!!
  2. I figured out how to hide not only the control panel but also the status of the green light when I use the voice: CTRL / SHIFT / F1. I read all the commands suggested above, but none of them worked in the ALCHEMY viewer. The original post does not talk about hiding the green light, but if the intention is to make machinimas, this feature is essential. TY
  3. I found out: "ctrl / shift / f1" !!! I will leave the post to those interested in machinima. If administrators prefer, they can delete it. Or ask that I delete. Thankful.
  4. Hello. Can someone tell me how to hide the flashing green light above the avatar, when using the voice, in the Alchemy viewer? The command "ctrl / alt / f1" hid all commands, including the green light. The current one, (ctrl / shift / u) does not hide. I make machinimas, and that is a necessity for the films to appear clean.
  5. Truth. I confused the topic. And today I still saw that the command is on the Alchemy menu. Double mistake. Excuse me. Now my problem is another: the damn lights on the avatar, when I use voice. They should disappear, but remain ...
  6. Solved to me: ctrl + shift + u [Sorry. I confused the topic].
  7. I have the same problem. I use the virtual environment only to make machinimas. I loved Alchemy, but I still can't use the entire screen to film. If anyone has already resolved this, please let me know. Thank you.
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