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  1. Rockerduck (any relation to Disco Duck? ;-)), Thanks for your most sincere wishes of good will. FYI, we are going to TRY and stay in SL for the foreseeable future, because we do enjoy collaborating with many other educational institutions world wide. I can't see how we can have a full conference with hundreds of attendees on another grid, or collaborate with (for example) Virtual Ability, Renaissance Island, NC Education region, Ann Myers Medical Center or any of the other wonderful educational ventures in SL. But an alternative grid MUST be an option if the higher ups reject the SL price inc
  2. Thanks so much David. I agree with you on the cooperation, and I also hope and pray you're right about it blowing over. Maybe even for a reversal of decision. But the silence (by Lindens) is killing me. After the Viewer 2 fiasco, they said they would listen to us and be more responsive to our concerns. We are waiting. Meanwhile, Plan B (and C and D) is under progress...
  3. Thanks Ignatius, I am talking to a few folks re: these alternative grids, I will explore them again, I appreciate the support and ideas!
  4. Cierra, homesteads are not an option for most of us. As for the regular teaching initiatives I am involved in, I am dealing with classes of 40 or 50 students at least. Also we regularly run 3-day educational conferences in here which have 500 or 600 attendees overall and 3 concurrent sessions with at least 40 or 50 attendees at each session...and a keynote with 100 attendees. The SL conference I am referring to (the University of North Carolina Teaching and Learning with Technology Conference, aka UNC TLT) used to be a "RL" conference. Well, budget was slashed for that (as budgets for worth
  5. Oh my goodness.. thanks so much Doggie!!!! The donation will go to very good use and I will let my college know - thanks again and keep in touch!
  6. Oh... I am sure you're making no negative implications with your post Dekka. Though it relates tangentially to this topic, the issue of age restriction and preventing minors from accessing adult content is probably a little more suited for another forum. But I spend the better part of my day, every day in here and have for 3 and a half years, and I don't want my almost 16 year old daughter in SL, at least as it is now. And it would take me a lot of convincing it could be made safe. I don't run into overt porno either. But when someone brings in their mostly nude "pet" (human) on a leash into a
  7. Nany thanks again, please friend me in SL and lets do talk. Would love to see your project and University of New Mexico. Collaboration would probably really benefit the students too.
  8. True Herman, we ditched Blackboard for Moodle ourselves at UNCC. Good point, it just may boost things as you say, and thanks :-). It will take awhile though, these other grids have a long way to go, and a poverty of nice builds and animations will impact the quality of our efforts. But if we have to rough it to keep our projects going, so be it.
  9. Thanks so much Nany. The conference space... well it may be needed and thanks. OTOH, two of my projects are a 1950s and a 1930s simulation, complete retro towns that are the sites for two American Studies undergraduate courses. These were developed so the students can experience the sights, sounds, art, architecture and culture of those eras, role-play what it was like to live back then, and talk about the things that people of those days were concerned about. You can look up my profile to find them on my picks. I was fortunate that my old friend and colleague Aedann at NC Education loaned
  10. Galileo, not sure what you mean by "get real". This is a real problem, affecting real people. Please IM me in SL and I will be happy to show you what our University stands to lose.
  11. Cierra, as I said I really do appreciate your suggestions. I know you are trying to help (unlike some here that simply criticise us "whiners" without offering new ideas). But I know the "powers that be" at my university - I've been working under them for 10 years. I know their thinking. This move will say to them "time to leave". I just feel like crying. Sorry, but 3 years of my effort as instructional designer to make a difference in the courses I am helping with? Out the window. Students saying what a difference this effort made in their understanding of their subject? Gone. Educator confe
  12. Cierra, I appreciate your idea, but I am afraid that charging will limit the volume of attendees and presenters, negatively impact the sharing spirit of our conference and minimize the level of positive outreach that we have been able to achieve. Most online educaional conferences do not charge for this reason. And if we continue to limit BOTH RL and SL conferences due to budget constraints, we will swiftly run out of ways for educators to share their ideas, challenges and best practices.
  13. The only eye-opener: The comments of some of the "educators" posted here i think it might not be a bad idea for some of them to move on. They should not be educating anyone. Radein can you please support that statement?
  14. Ayla, I do see what you are saying and yes of course bringing children in will take money and resources to police, because right now there are many dangers to children in SL. As Kate says, why bring kids in and then take away the educator discount making it even less kid-friendly and giving the children less options for safe and positive outlets. I am scratching my head.
  15. LOL Stone, then you need to be Thelma to my Louise and we will drive off of it together, take pics and post as protest. Where is the biggest cliff in SL??
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