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  1. Thank you for sharing with the forum @Patch Linden life story, where he comes from and who he reported to in his former role, thing is, can you source this or is it just speculation? Mentioning LL Employes RL names granted you 2 stars for validation goals, but still, not fair and sort of unnecessary, kind of ? Then I guess that we will have to agree to disagree on this one because I am not one that look down on people just because they work hard their way to the top, but again we might be different and that's ok, ❤️ girl
  2. Not here to stir drama but you spent decades in venture-funded companies and you would promote to CEO someone just because they have the kindness to entertain your thoughts, while completely overlooking how @Patch Linden turned SL around, revived the community and started to give back to residents? I mean girl, I am commenting too, so I guess I will be the next CEO ;P
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