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  1. Thanks Maria for a helpful and informative posting Checking it out now!
  2. The University of Auckland in NZ have been actively working on an education hypergrid linking education sims and the SLENZ blog keeps an eye on happenings there. It is not confined to NZ and I believe is now working with at least two US universities.
  3. Ah well Linden you have finally made the decision that tips the balance for us. I have been hanging on in SL as I still truly believe in the value of the educational community that has been built here but over the last few months it has become increasingly difficult to justify not moving to OpenSim. This however will be the final straw as I see no way that my institution will be able to justify paying double the price for our two islands. Fortunately we still have until Aug 2011 but I suspect we will be long gone by then! And of course, I will have far less reason to remain in SL personally too now - I have already cut my mainland space drastically - looks like the rest will be going too in the near future. Oh and then there are the students (prospective residents) who we will now no longer be bringing in to SL. Linden - I just don't understand the logic in your new business model - It was great to be a part of the early years and I will be sad to see its decline but I realise that you want us educators out for some reason and now its time to move on. Bye
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