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  1. deja vu..... But yes... the marketplace is messed... a lot of us are in the same boat. Welcome to the club. I took a couple days away from SL and all the recent problems and it's helped a lot. If you are this upset, time to step away for a little while and get some perspective. I only say this to try to help.
  2. Josh Susanto wrote: My complaint was that only SL's viewer could see mesh at first, and SL's own viewers continue to be almost total crap. This is what happens when the majority of users give up on LL viewers and refuse to use them, and the majority of LL employees spend so little time doing anything inworld other than going to meetings. The default viewer suffers. That said, I've been using the latest LL v3 for a few months now and I am ok with it. I have heard SO many people say they'll never use a LL viewer again, and many of them aren't even aware there is a V3, so many still refer to V2 (which WAS horrible, imo). Now that Firestorm has the FUI, and so few know that this is an LL design, I'm sure they will be getting a lot of the credit from users for LL's UI design, which is amusing. I'm sure already there have been expressions like "omg you made the viewer so much better we can drag our buttons around LL fails you guys are the best!" when in fact it's LL supplying that design. But there is good reason for that actually - the Firestorm team actually communicates, provides viewer support, and is open to user feedback, whereas the LL team is dysfunctional in all those aspects. Not to go off on a tangent or anything.
  3. Josh Susanto wrote: >So not only did she key in his name for the necklace to go, she ALSO keyed in a little "love uuu xoxoxox" message. And she still wants you to think she "didn't order" it?? Maybe a completely different customer ordered a completely different item from a comepletely different merchant, and the SLM just doesn't know the difference between such things anymore. I think I heard something about something being borked this week. Did you? Yep, if the marketplace is currently confusing items and listings and prices and perms and categories, why shouldn't it also confuse purchasers of items as well... since we are not being informed of what the problems are or whether they even know what the problems are, who actually knows whether this is a legit complaint or someone trying to get something for free?
  4. Well, at least since you are still on Magic Box, you can delete the items from the Magic Box to ensure people will not be able to receive the items? I too have items that should not be showing up in my marketplace store (are marked as Inactive/Unlisted), but are listed anyway. They are also part of the bigger issue of messed up links to different creators' products, so I have added my comments to the JIRA that you already mentioned in this thread. One listing showed as Inactive in my own Product Listing page, but it still showed in the store listing. I decided to delete the item entirely (I have converted to DD, so no magic box), but it's still showing on my store three days later, but includes the bulk of another merchant's item information, price, etc. So now I have several public listings that I have NO control over whatsoever until Lindens decide to fix the issue. I have since unlisted other items in my Holiday section - and they still show up in my store (and have incorrect titles, prices, etc) It's very bad because even if you delete the item completely from your store, as I did with one item, it does NOT go away from your store listing, at least in my experience, IF it is part of the problem of mixed up pictures/creators/etc. Shoppers may not be able to get to the item (it seems to send you back to the homepage when you click on certain items), but it still creates a feeling of "wtf is going on here' for shoppers, which certainly does not inspire me to spend any money on marketplace right now. And based on my attempts at editing a couple items last week that are affected by this mixed-up images and info problem, trying to change them from your side seems to mess things up even more, or have no effect at all.
  5. Toysoldier Thor wrote: CommerceTeam Linden wrote: Thanks to everyone who has been providing us with details on this issue. We are investigating this as a top priority. We will post more information as soon as we have it. The Commerce Team Will you REALLY post more on the issue when you find something out??? You never have in the past. We have no clue what you are really working nor any problems you have discovered or solved. So lets see if you REALLY DO get back to us. My bet is we wont. CTL You've been investigating this for several days now. Give us a clue what's going on, hey? We are your customers and we do pay for a service after all. And now your mistakes are causing residents to question the integrity of merchants, because YOUR team is screwing up. How much longer are we going to have to wait until this HUGE issue is resolved? Why is the marketplace still running right now?? We have NO control over most of our messed up listings, the impetus is on you to fix this. Why aren't we being given any information?? Are you fixing it, or still investigating? What is taking so long?
  6. Just added this to the JIRA: Just attached image (UNAVAILABLEseralok.jpg) of an item ( https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Dean-Razorback-Electric-Guitar-18/1405954 ) that has a messed up listing. That's the other merchant's link, but it shows my image. I tracked down the item in my store inventory and saw that it was marked as "Unavailable," so I don't even know why it's been showing in my listings.(??) Since it was already unavailable, I decided to delete it to see if it would remove the listing from my store. No, the listing is STILL there, and now I have NO access whatsoever to the listing because on my end, it is supposed to no longer exist. So apart from having an unavailable and now deleted item showing on my store page, it also shows the incorrect creator, price, etc. I am also hearing of reports that some merchants think their product images are being "stolen," and shoppers who doubt the reliability of a seller because of the incorrect and strange information. I'm absolutely and completely disappointed that the Commerce Team allows this craziness to continue without any informational updates (besides, thanks, we're working on it) and continuing to leave the Marketplace open in its current state and leaving the merchants open to be vilified, DMCA'd, and our integrity questioned because of YOUR mistake and unwillingness to take the problem seriously. Why haven't you shut the Marketplace down already?
  7. Marcus Hancroft wrote: I just checked all 37 pages of my store and everything still seems to be correct. I am watching everything like a freaking hawk. FYI - I mentioned my business partner who is in a coma in few days ago. I found out this morning that he passed away overnight. I just hope there was family around him when he died. This is a sad sad day for me. Rotten India: Born 03/02/2009, Died 03/30/2012 I am sorry, Marcus
  8. Sassy Romano wrote: Thanks for collating! Hi5 My pleasure. It was Sweet Valentine who mentioned it yesterday, but then she logged off, so i did it, and sent to you, and logged off. lol. Hooray for working together. Now can the Lab work with us? Please?
  9. Jade Winthorpe wrote: Are some of you sure you're not getting paid? As in did you check? Because once I found this post I freaked out and decided to check my MP transaction history, today alone (the 29th) I've had 8 "delivery partially failed" instances so far today... I then kept that window open, opended a new window for my SL transaction history and ALL of those instances Commerce Linden did pay me for those transactions... I am sure that people posting here are checking their transactions obsessively. I could be wrong but I doubt it. BTW There is a JIRA for your particular issue (much smaller issue than not getting paid, lucky for us, but not for the ones not getting paid): https://jira.secondlife.com/browse/WEB-4592
  10. Deja Letov wrote: Sera Lok wrote: Deja Letov wrote: By the way if anyone wants to read the long boring blog post I made about this originally, send me an IM in world and Ill send you the link, I don't want anyone thinking I'm spamming my blog. It's just a bit more indepth on why i feel that way I do. If it's related to this discussion I don't see why you shouldn't post the direct link to that post here, but I understand your concern.. I'd love to read it. (as time permits, sadly there is not enough time to read everything i want to today, there is RL too!) Well, it's a little more than only not wanting to spam. It's not a main stream blog, in fact I'm pretty sure that the only people that read it are me and my two dogs. So I'm a little shy to post it...er scared...some of you guys scare me. LOL But ok, this is a direct link to my rant. http://www.slbusinesstrends.com/sl/index.php/its-in-our-power-to-change-our-second-life/ Awesome It's up on my screen to read when I return tomorrow.
  11. Ela Talaj wrote: In fact I more and more lean to an opinion that the commerce team does not have adequate testing facilities and is forced to release without much QA at all. This, yes, definitely
  12. Josh Susanto wrote: >It is not a criticism! I have read several of your posts with growing interest. Please accept my apology for misreading you. I assume you can see from my August/September posts why I might still be a little cranky and defensive. Yes? Yes (although I wasn't able to read everything). Apology accepted, my post was not very clear on what direction I was coming from. I agree that any deadline at this point is not appropriate. Not after 2 years of waiting for them to figure out current SLM and now everything that is happening with DD. If they cannot give themselves proper deadlines, why are we getting improper ones?
  13. Czari Zenovka wrote: Sera Lok wrote: eta, sorry for the overuse of the word think. i can't think so well today. I think several of us may be in that situation after the mind-numbing borked listing issue uncovered last night. I stayed up way too late, drank way too much caffeine, and am over-tired but wired (hey that rhymes!) today. I actually spent about an hour in SL doing something social earlier and found my mind just blanking at moments. SO true. Yesterday I left my purse in a shopping cart and left it in the parking lot cart bin. Thankfully it was still there when I got back about 10 minutes later. I am leaving the computer shortly and going for a sorely needed night out away from all this.
  14. Josh Susanto wrote: Your criticism might be easier for me to want apply if I had also happened to be wrong about much of anything so far. It's sort of interesting to me, though, that you're quicker to criticise me for telling people what's going to happen than you are to criticise them for not paying attention in spite of the fact that I've generally been very correct. What's in it for you to have people keep ignoring reliable warnings? It is not a criticism! I have read several of your posts with growing interest.
  15. I too am very surprised they continue to keep it open when there are so many messed up listings.
  16. Josh Susanto wrote: >I never imagined something like this could go so badly I did. In fact, I think I have a pretty good record at this point of imagining what can go wrong at LL, which you can see from my various contributions on this forum. If I thought anyone would read it undismissively, I might even be happy to start talking about the next couple of things to expect. Josh, I have trouble thinking you will not say what you think is going to happen regardless of what people think eta, sorry for the overuse of the word think. i can't think so well today.
  17. Deja Letov wrote: By the way if anyone wants to read the long boring blog post I made about this originally, send me an IM in world and Ill send you the link, I don't want anyone thinking I'm spamming my blog. It's just a bit more indepth on why i feel that way I do. If it's related to this discussion I don't see why you shouldn't post the direct link to that post here, but I understand your concern.. I'd love to read it. (as time permits, sadly there is not enough time to read everything i want to today, there is RL too!)
  18. i saw yours had been closed earlier, but then you reopened it rather quickly^^ what a day what a day.
  19. Medhue Simoni wrote: Oh, and, I have always created all my items just outside my store entrance. This was a conscious decision to allow my customers to chat with me, and to watch as I create things. Much like Deja, I spent almost all my time in SL creating, so doing it right there for any1 to sit with me is a good thing for me and my customers. It is tough to keep a fast paced workflow with customers constantly chatting with me, but I'm used to it now. This is cool
  20. Arwen Serpente wrote: Sera, head's up... the JIRA was closed by another resident because they thought it was a duplicate of a new JIRA created today. They are not the same issue/bug at all. Unfortunately, I can't reopen the JIRA since you created it, and it should be re-opened. Thank you! I saw... muttering something about reading things fully
  21. Also, I noticed they changed the priority in the JIRA from Showstopper to Major. Doesn't make sense to me but that is what they have done.
  22. Nope, not fixed. They brought the review counts back. That's the only change I can see. Several of my listings are still messed up, and it looks as though I might have a couple new listings messed up that weren't before. >.<
  23. Deja Letov wrote: On top of increased inworld sales on my customers end and decreated Marketplace sales on my end, I have met some really awesome people! I have had more of my customers add me to their friends list in the last 2 weeks than I have in the last year. And more and more people are coming back. It's funny because I put the invite out there to stop by just to say hi, and THEY DO. I have people who have just come back to my store to hang out and chat with me. Great post! I just picked out this little tidbit to say, this is especially great adding my own thoughts: I think people like hunts so much because they find new places that they wouldn't have otherwise, and it is a totally inworld experience. Even if you don't make any sales from most hunters, what matters is that they had the experience of being in your store to see if they liked the feel of it, and often people do pop onto the mailing list because they like the first few things they see, or remember your store when someone they know says, "oh i need such and such, where should i go?" It seems that what you are really getting at is: Merchants need to work harder on promoting and maintaining their inworld presences. I agree! Marketplace has always been a secondary thing for me and more of an advertisement for my inworld store. But you cannot deny that the more people buy things from Marketplace, the better visibility you have there, which in turn increases the chances of people coming to your inworld store. I do like the idea of using marketplace for demos and encouraging people to come inworld to get the real thing. Of course you have to make sure your store is organized well and your SLURL leads directly to the product being offered. I think it's very hard to organize a store, especially if you have a lot of items, and so that's why people tend to do a lot of shopping/viewing on the Marketplace. It's faster, easier, and images take so much less time to load (that's a big one for me). All the information is right there. So, maybe we could also take a few cues from marketplace and make sure our product displays are as clear as possible inworld with perms/prices etc very obvious for the customer to see. I know a lot of merchants already strive for this, but we have all been to stores where things just aren't very clear and you have to do some digging just to find out if something is modifiable, or what not. Really enjoying all the comments and viewpoints here, thanks so much for starting this thread and word vomiting on us!
  24. Ann Otoole wrote: why don't you do the responsible thing and close SLM until this is fixed? Totally agree. Who knows how many listings are messed up, plus add the fact that they can get messed up if you edit something as happened to me last night. Leaving it open just leaves customers wondering WTF and not trusting marketplace as others have already said.
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