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  1. Pretty disconcerting though, if true, that they would be willing to sacrifice major functionality in order for speed. I'm tired of seeing the stuff I sold 2 weeks ago on the top of my list.
  2. These pages in the knowledge base might help you: http://community.secondlife.com/t5/English-Knowledge-Base/Selling-in-the-Marketplace/ta-p/700193 http://community.secondlife.com/t5/English-Knowledge-Base/Managing-your-Marketplace-store/ta-p/700191
  3. I see your item listed. Sometimes you have to wait a few minutes for it to show up. I noticed that in the contents section, your item looks to be full perm - so you might want to double check the permissions ^^
  4. Yes, we are all waiting In the meantime you can copy/paste your info to the main ticket where everyone is reporting their issues and 'watch' it so you will get updates when anyone adds a comment or changes the status: https://jira.secondlife.com/browse/WEB-4587
  5. Random Sixpence wrote: As a merchant I will say abusing keywords is a pain when you are looking for something. But people, please bear in mind that you have no idea what keywords the merchant is using, and it could be it is not the merchant's fault but that of the system that throws up unrelated material. Just because we type in a specific search parameter and get items that don't belong does not always mean it is coming from the merchant. It may be coming from the system itself. So you really have to be careful "reporting". So rememeber sometimes it is not the merchant but the system. But if you feel the keywords are totally misused by the merchant over and over again, then do report them. This. I researched some weeks ago with keywords, looking at all the keywords, feature list, and title of item, of listings that didn't seem to match up to the search I was doing. Some listings that show up in a certain search don't even contain the word I was searching for. Go figure. So if you are going to report, please do the extra step of checking keywords etc to make sure the merchant is actually doing it on purpose and deserves to be reported. Otherwise you need to report LL itself for having a crappy search engine on the marketplace. ^^
  6. This is the original JIRA for email notifications on review: https://jira.secondlife.com/browse/WEB-2788 I have also edited the other JIRA to be a broader feature request at https://jira.secondlife.com/browse/WEB-2938 It would be nice to see an active Linden take over these JIRAs as Acknowledged so we can get some hope of receiving these features soon. As it stands, one is Deferred and assigned to an inactive Linden, and the other is still in Awaiting Review and assigned to a disabled Linden.
  7. Hi Lando, here is the JIRA where you can at least vote/watch and add your comments. I know of someone whose outbox was working fine a couple weeks ago, they migrated all their stuff to DD, and now it won't recognize their store anymore, says 'you need to create a store,' and all the suggestions did not help either. https://jira.secondlife.com/browse/VWR-28630 there are some other related JIRAs which may more closely match your problem: https://jira.secondlife.com/browse/WEB-4600 https://jira.secondlife.com/browse/WEB-4412
  8. If you haven't seen it yet... an update was recently posted to the forum from CTL. http://community.secondlife.com/t5/Merchants/Marketplace-and-Direct-Delivery-Update/td-p/1462915 aand -bump-
  9. Hi there, you can go to "Reports" -> "Orders" and you will see the option to download the CSV report. Hope this helps. ^^
  10. hm, well as long as we're not all on the same cycle, life will be just fine. ^^
  11. i missed the thread. darnit. no popcorn for me.
  12. Ilyra Chardin wrote: Do you seriously think that LL's plan was to make MP so broken that people would go back to shopping in world? Cause...um...the last time I looked or tried to search for a product to buy in world, in world search was even WORSE than MP. LOL I've been on SL a whole lot longer (years longer) than this av's rez date and I've watched LL roll out new features, new items, new viewers etc. And each time, I've seen the same thing occur. Remember when LL rolled out viewer 2 initially? It came with the statement that viewer 1 wasn't going to be supported and that everyone had to migrate. Viewer 2 was fraught with issues and had everyone running to reinstall 1.23 or going to THVs. I might add that there are people who are still logging into SL on viewer 1.23. Why is this DD rollout any different? There is a very long standing tradition of trying to rollout with a big bang, reacting to complaints, problems, etc. that follow a big bang rollout and then spending months fixing what was rushed out in the first place. So I'm not surprised and I don't think there is any real master plan to get people to leave Marketplace. Well that's my two cents (L$5) I think you pretty much nailed it.
  13. Darrius Gothly wrote: Josh Susanto wrote: >You forgot its the week before easter. As usual for the LL thats the right time to destroy the next busy weekend. All the better to persuade you to take your business back to in-world rentals. Can other people seriously not see a pattern here? Yup, I see the pattern. Wish they'd provide positive incentives, like tools to better leverage the benefits of each, instead of negative incentives such as disabling things to make it tougher to use something. Although I must relate a story a good friend told me. He worked the midnight to 9am shift at a 24-hour convenience store located right next to a big rock 'n roll club. He had a lot of trouble with drunks and "ego-boys looking to fight" until he started playing the OLD country western (19040's and 1950's type old) over the store's PA system. The troublemakers would come in, hear that "CRAP" playing, make their purchase and leave .. quickly! So there is some validity in making things uncomfortable to inspire folks to move along .. it's just not the best approach possible in this situation. hehe, yep... that's why many fast food places are often slightly colder than is comfortable. Keeps people from getting too comfortable.
  14. Argus Collingwood wrote: I am still thinking the database may have errors in the 14xxxxx series of numbers. ETA : you put a number of the borked listing into SLM search like 1418428 then view it as a wrong listing then change that number to 1418429, 430,431 etc etc you can see all those series are borked. /me Points to error;) Would you please comment on the JIRA with that info? It certainly matches up with my items...
  15. Just added this comment to the jira: Ah, ok, thank you (to Pearl). In my case, many of my pictures are from Nov-2007, Nov-2008, and late Nov 2009. Not sure if that says much. It looks like all of my affected items are those that were uploaded to Xstreet originally and then migrated to SLM when that conversion happened. In reply to Argus... interesting, all of the ones I can provide links to ALL Start with 14....
  16. but darnit, my freebies are my best sellers! :matte-motes-big-grin:
  17. Medhue Simoni wrote: Kenbro Utu wrote: Not until they fix the cross-listing nightmare that they seem to be ignoring completely, or the multiple delivery DD fiasco, or the payment delay "feature," or the auto-unlisting "feature," etc. Speeding up the web site would be pretty far down on my list of what needs attention first. Well, before anything can really be fixed, LL needs suficient data. Until that happens, the issues won't be fixed. Personally, I've not seen any of these issues, so I can't really evaluate how drastic the problems are. That would be my first concern, how big are these issues. As far as I've seen, we have a handful of people expressing problems, and a bunch of others mad just cause others have issues. SO, outside of website being slow, how big are any of the other issues? Do you not agree that someone buying an item and having it delivered to them 20+ times is not a big issue? Merchants won't even know if this is happening. And that's just one of the "lesser" issues. At least half of the stores that I have visited on the marketplace have at least one mixed up item listing, if not (usually) more.. if the item affected happened to be your best seller, it might be a big problem to you. I'm sure you also know that a lot of people experiencing the issues are not regular forum readers and probably don't even know what the JIRA is. The "handful" represents only those people knowledgeable AND willing enough to spend time writing tickets and posting on forums. I don't know about the other issues, but the cross-listing of creators/pictures/etc, as far as I can see, is a Big Problem.
  18. I would guess that because so many merchants aren't getting any sales at all due to the mixed up listings issue through no fault of their own, perhaps the Commerce Team has frozen the search relevance changes, thinking that this is more 'fair' somehow than letting it continue to run. That or it's a "performance improvement."
  19. Josh Susanto wrote: Stupidity isn't consistent. i believe this is an incorrect assumption.
  20. That is good to hear Czari! Although I shudder to think they might try to manually fix all the messed up listings, since every store I visit seems to have a number of problems I am especially glad to hear that the Customer Support issues are being worked on. Yay for progress, let's keep it going Lindens.
  21. Thank you Thank you, Arwen, this was indeed the case, the money was received way before the email was sent. Phew!
  22. sorry for the formatting. i don't know how to fix it so i'm just leaving it. I might need to make another JIRA or find one. Apologies if I have not caught it in the existing list, please help me on this as my eyes are crossing from all the JIRAs lately. Today I have received a "success" email that indicates I should have been paid (this is about an hour ago), but I have not received funds as of yet. I have filed a ticket, but I am wondering if anyone has had this problem? Usually getting the email means I have been paid, but this is not the case today.
  23. Totally agreed. I don't know if there is a feature request JIRA for this, because once all the problems started showing up we stopped thinking about the stuff we wanted and now are just waiting for the beast to function as it should in a basic manner, i.e. show the right listings on the right store page... I did mention this in my survey response, though. I thought, it would be good perhaps to have an "Are you sure?" dialog in this case just to ensure that in the case of an accidental upload it wouldn't automatically overwrite the old folder/box, but one click for "are you sure" would be much better than having to track down the listing, go into edit it to reassociate it, etc.
  24. Sorry, I'd much rather have a working marketplace, thank you.
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