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  1. If you are not waiting for features like ANS, then perhaps you should consider migrating to DD now. These are Magic Box problems from what it sounds like.
  2. I looked up Spree and it claims to be "the most flexible e-commerce platform" -- so why can't LL change it? btw Second Life is featured on their home page for using the system. I can kinda understand that because LL went open source with their viewer code, that they would want to continue that opensource effort by using other software that is opensource, however their developers definitely need to use this "most flexible e-commerce platform" to deliver reliable and sane results to the residents who use it, i.e. changing the purchase order date to the actual date purchased, not the day it was put into a shopping cart to be bought at some vague time in the future. That just doesn't make sense for a large scale operation/professional corporation and puts undue strain on the user to try to hunt down orders if a problem should arise.
  3. this is confusing! i'm going to read another couple times and hope it makes sense to me. eta: ok, it makes sense how it happened, but it doesn't make sense that it should be reported as paid on the shopping cart date and not the actual date the order completed... that's just weird.
  4. Dartagan Shepherd wrote: Right, on the same page there, that's why I suggested a good old manual. One singular entity to maintain for them, portable enough to be used anywhere. Anywhere you see that little world Help or ? ... you go to the manual, whether it's in-world, on the marketplace, etc. People develop muscle memory on table of contents once they get familiar ( ... let's see marketplace is about halfway down). People memorize locations of manuals they're familiar with and navigate there easily. Is it easier to say rtfm or rtf(forum/wiki/chat group/Twitter/knowledge base/Jira)? Thousands of hours saved. No icky URLs to go look up. I know where to tell you to go to help you (and so would LL and support more easily) Go to to the manual under Marketplace/Magic Boxes/Migration. You might even find some great user contributed notes in the manual. Download version doesn't have comments. I mentioned PDF though, that was silly. HTML format for portable goodness. Yes, exactly. One entity. With key words and phrases and whatnot so that one can quickly navigate to the particular area they need to find their answer.
  5. Hi Dakota! Yes, I'm aware of all these links. But now if I want to find this particular response again, I have to find this thread again, which over time will sink like the rest, find your comment in the thread, and then click through all those links to see what they might contain specifically since they all have information about the various steps and nuances of direct delivery. I'm just saying it would be great to have a very obvious, sticky thread here in the forum, where many people come for help, that merchants could go to as the first source for all of their questions. So... please take that post you just made into a sticky. ^^ It would be even better if there were specific phrases and FAQ links that people could look at for each step of the process. I do very much appreciate you responding... now if it could be made more visible, more comprehensive, consistent, and descriptive to residents as a whole, especially those just getting started with DD, that would be awesomeness. ^^
  6. p.s. it would also be really great if an official person would post updates to the JIRAs too, where the most concerned residents are watching and will receive an email update. sighs. it takes like... a minute.
  7. Haha! Yeah, I can only take up to a certain point, and then I start pestering. To your previous post about the scattered instructions in various Linden pages, I totally agree. Lindens should make a sticky for "How to Get Started with Direct Delivery" and at least link to the various pages. When someone in an inworld group asks a question about DD, I or someone else often ends up clicking 10-20 times through pages of blog/forum/wiki/youtube videos to find the one piece of information we're trying to share. It'd be nice to have ONE Linden sticky thread that I could go - "Look here... read all that." And it seems every few hours or so, there is someone getting totally frustrated by the process of DD, through every phase - getting the thing to recognize your store, uploading items, all the unassociated items that are left, etc etc. So it would be really, really helpful. We need a Collater Linden. ^^
  8. this will help at least some people work out their issues with DD, so i am bumping this too. and now i am done.
  9. I won't expect to see a change until next week. If things don't change by then, I'll probably start getting pissy.
  10. Darrius Gothly wrote: Kampu Oyen wrote: You people are paranoid. Who told you that? Did the men in dark glasses contact you? Did you see that black helicopter? OMG!! I have to go now. I think they're tapping my phone line .. and my computer is bugged .. and I KNOW the cat is secretly taping my conversations. EVERYONE IS OUT TO GET ME!! lawlll
  11. iCade wrote: Thank you both very kindly! My OCD when it comes to neatness has been satisfied! LOL! I totally understand that! (I was thinking to myself... "This person is a very detail oriented... and I like that.")
  12. My pleasure! Some of the good helping threads from the start of DD have been buried under all the problems. hehe.
  13. Also here is a thread started by Darrius Gothly which has a link to a nice guide to updating products: http://community.secondlife.com/t5/Merchants/If-you-need-to-update-a-product-you-ve-uploaded-to-Direct/m-p/1454065#M18516 Direct Link: http://www.dgp4sl.com/Updating_a_Direct_Delivery_Product_on_the_SL_Marketplace.pdf
  14. iCade wrote: Sera - That is what I am talking about, but I believe I read that you may not re-upload the same item twice? And that you may not re-upload a listing that had previously been deleted? Or was that just if LL took action and manually deleted/disabled the product? From your original post it sounded like it was a new product... so there is no problem with you reuploading the item in order to add a missing piece to it, or to update it at a later time due to improvements or bug fixes. As long as you are associating the new upload with the same listing, and not making an entirely new listing for the same product. For example, I have several listings from over 2 years ago that I have since made updates to, and have uploaded a new package to replace the previous older version and editing my listing to reflect the updated information. The rule against deleting an item and then relisting it is mostly intended for those who might delete an item due to negative reviews and then relisting it so the negative reviews won't be there. But technically you would not be deleting the listing, you would be editing it to replace the content, which should not be an issue. Hope this helps
  15. Hm, do you mean add a texture to the folder that you uploaded using the merchant outbox? In that case, you need to reupload the folder (or box) containing the updated picture, then manually associate the the new item, and delete the old item once it appears in Unassociated List. There is an up to 5 minute delay on items showing up in the Unassociated list, so you may have to be patient. If I'm not getting the gist of your question, say so and I'll try to help better^^
  16. If you're talking about the marketplace, that is. If you're looking for the inworld transactions, they are where they always have been under Account -> Transaction History on your Dashboard.
  17. Hi! You need to look under Reports -> Orders for that, not under Orders -> Transaction History. It's needlessly confusing.
  18. Zanara Zenovka wrote: Luna Bliss wrote: Dakota announced this in the Commerce group today. It would be nice if these kinds of changes were announced in advance so we wouldn't all scramble around and worry. What?? So they inform a handful of people and expect gossip to do the rest? Cos yeah that's how professionals do PR and project managment... The Commerce Team should be embarrassed. IMO if they had any desire at all to keep their paying customers happy (or, just keep their paying customers!), they would have swallowed the delayed enhancement fees and cut their losses, as well as explained what was happening. It was the company's fault the payments were delayed, not their customers'. So disappointing (pathetic) the way all this stuff is going down... LL seems to forget that residents who are merchants are still most definitely customers, and often the ones paying the biggest fees, tiers, and sinks!
  19. It's pretty freaking ridiculous if you ask me. Looking more and more like a circus as each day goes by.
  20. Here's an "issue" that perhaps should be added to the main post: https://jira.secondlife.com/browse/WEB-4554 Test Delivery Items - Contents inside an Object, or Items inside Boxes, do NOT show next owner permissions It's not a bug per se but it's definitely going to cause confusion if they leave it with its current implementation. Here is the corresponding forum discussion: http://community.secondlife.com/t5/Merchants/Test-Delivery-Next-Owner-Permissions-don-t-actually-work-as/td-p/1447427
  21. I have items by the following merchants showing up in my store listing and in my "related items" popup when editing listings: osterhase Yellowjacket - Turkish Delight sculpted diamond high heels OD Designs - by Ortho Vargas - 1) Dean Razorback Electric Guitar 21, 2) Dean Razorback Electric Guitar 23 Gray Beam - 1) Gold Band - Emerald, 2) Gold band - Emerald (bling) Anny Broek - Ozimals Bunny Nest 035: Silver Marten Lilac/LBlue/Up/Cl Red Dog Gear - by Ruff Zepp - [RDG] Pittsburgh Steelers Stadium T-Shirt (Unisex) babett Bailey - Halloween 3 Candle Set Bats Candles three Candles All have my picture, but the other merchant's item title, price, description, permissions, etc. I had more, but some of them look to have been removed in recent days.
  22. hehe - well, they introduced some delays a couple weeks ago, so you just have to be patient with marketplace as well
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