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  1. I have been following the "incorrect images" JIRA and it was closed today. It instructs to file new JIRAs for the items that aren't actually listed/still show/still have incorrect images: ""CommerceTeam Linden resolved WEB-4587. ------------------------------ -------- Resolution: Fixed This has been completed. See this post for more details: http://community.secondlife.com/t5/Merchants/Image-Cleanup-Update-WEB-4587/td-p/1982379. Note that if you still see listings in your store which are deleted or unlisted, that is a separate issue. Please file a BUG jira so we can review.""
  2. Thanks very much for this work. However I still have an item that shows in my Marketplace Store that doesn't even exist in my Marketplace Inventory anymore. When will this be removed? The link text is below, but it will take you to the main page since it is not a real listing, yet it still shows in my store with an incorrect picture. Listing Link: https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Loks-Livingroom-Set-Cherry-w-Suede-Low-Prim-LOW-PRIM-FURNITURE/1403627 Image Link: https://d1ij7zv8zivhs3.cloudfront.net/assets/2149623/view_small/82b328c9751810248bfbba516a443f76.jpg?1285354562 On my storefront , if you organize by date (oldest to newest), it is the third item shown and it is very obvious that the image is incorrect. I hope that this will be resolved soon as well. Thanks!
  3. If you're selling clothing, you don't even really need an inworld location to start back up. Although it sounds like you have some nice offers. If anything is going to stop you, let it be that you don't have time or the desire to deal with the occasional customer question/issue, or that you're just not feeling it anymore. Not mesh. It's really hard to get back into things after 'checking out' for awhile... but not impossible. If you plan to just continue selling your old wares without offering new things, be prepared for lackluster sales. But there is no reason not to put your items back on Marketplace, especially if you have some positive ratings. Unless you think you will 'check out' again, in that case I wouldn't bother. It's really about whether you are willing to invest your time and emotions into this world or not. Personally, I prefer system and sculpted clothing - until mesh can conform to a body's unique shape. I keep trying demo mesh clothing, hoping to find something that fits me 'just right,' but it hasn't happened yet. Good luck^^
  4. I posted in last week's server update that my sim had improved with the update that got rolled back. Happy to say my sim seems to be running at full speed again for the most part after this week's updates, after several months of suffering. Thank You So Much!! I don't know what ya did, but I appreciate it. Cheers.
  5. I just noticed I was able to upload 16 images to a listing. Is this a change that hasn't been announced or maybe I just missed it? Wasn't it 8 before?
  6. Hi there, I just wanted to comment that last week's (23rd) restarts improved my sim performance - it ran all week at .99 dilation and near 45 physics, whereas before (and now after the rollback), after anywhere from 3 hours to 2 days, the sim drops to about .91 dilation and 41 physics and never recovers. I have pathfinding disabled on the sim. I also have a lot of scripts and many items/textures to rez. It was quite pleasant to see that my sim was running ultra-smoothly, so I hope that whatever made that happen will be added back soon I suppose it could be coincidence, but I don't think so. Thanks for all your hard work!
  7. Dartagan Shepherd wrote: Sera Lok wrote: Yeah, you could throw a dart anywhere on the site and find a problem wherever you landed, I think >.< Ouch. Not "that" kind of Dart. And certainly not at the deep, dark underbelly of buggery that is the marketplace. LOL, not THE Dart!!
  8. Yeah, you could throw a dart anywhere on the site and find a problem wherever you landed, I think >.<
  9. Dealing with the related items list is where I get frustrated, not so much the auto-fill. I have lots of older items that I have simply retired from both inworld and the marketplace, yet when I start putting in related items, these supposedly deleted items show up as choices. I bet I could even select them without getting an error message (i haven't tried though), and it would show as related in Edit Listings, but obviously not in the published listing. I'm guessing this based on the fact that if I have an old listing with related items that no longer exist, they still show in the related items list in the Edit Listing page, but don't show in the listing. Ah well.
  10. The ones that showed up in the list for me were images for someone else's products, for listings of mine that I had deleted over a year ago. I'm thinking it will probably be the cutoff date (sometime in May) they supplied in the email that will (hopefully) fix the problems once and for all. So, I still have one incorrect listing in my store (doesn't even have a $L sale amount), but I hope that in correcting the items in my list, I helped someone else's page get cleared up. And I hope whoever's image is on my defunct listing will act on the email and therefore help my page get cleared up. ^^ good luck!
  11. Miro Collas wrote: Same here. It was just one item, but I deleted it long ago. I also had a message on the merchant dashboard about items having been delisted - yet none were. Odd. Thanks Miro, happy to know I am not the only one who got the "item delisted" mystery error message.
  12. Thank you I hope it is normal that all of my listings that I corrected are in fact items that I had deleted over a year ago? I no longer have any access to them on my side. Here's hoping the person whose hair texture is in my listing will fix theirs soon (a listing which shows up on my storefront even though the item is NOT even in my store inventory anymore) I am so happy to see progress with this, thanks! (edited to add the link to listing just in case it's wanted for reference. note that you can't actually go to the listing since it doesn't exist. https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Loks-Livingroom-Set-Cherry-w-Suede-Low-Prim-LOW-PRIM-FURNITURE/1403627 )
  13. Along with the e-mail about corrections (yay, I'm excited to see progress on this!) I received a notification when I logged into my MP product page that one of my listings had been removed because it didn't adhere to Marketplace Guidelines. However, I have combed through all my listings and, unless they fully deleted the listing, there is not anything unlisted that I need to reactivate. Did anyone else get the same message and can't seem to find what was unlisted? I have no idea what's happened but thought I'd post here before sending in a support ticket about it. Thanks!
  14. Hi, I'm trying to figure out why this bothers you so much... it's not like SL residents will really take that wording so seriously that they will never buy from newer merchants, if the newer merchant has a good product and seems legit. It's advertising, and advertising is often overblown and contains inaccuracies. There are many merchants that claim their product is the "best" over any other product of that kind, but everything is subjective, just like this verbiage you are so insulted by. I think for this merchant, whoever they are, this "warning" is more aimed to boost the confidence of their own potential customers so they will buy *their* product... not to denigrate new stores with honest merchants. This is SL, competition is tough (especially if this is a skin/clothing/hair merchant) and people do things that seem unfair. If you are concerned that this is affecting your potential sales, you should know that your business is affected by so many, many more important things than a paragraph in some other merchant's listings. And things you have control over, like the quality of your own product, getting exposure, customer service, advertising, etc. Obviously you are free to be offended/think things are unfair, but I believe you should look at your own reasons for that reaction and try to determine why it bothers you so much. It's like when people say bad things about others; it usually says more about them than it does the person they are talking about. I don't know you at all so I'm not making any assumptions about your personality. I am just saying, it is important to figure out why this rankles you so much. The best thing to do, IMHO, is ignore that crap and focus on doing the best you can with YOUR business, and not over-focus on others' tactics. Do what you feel works for you, and let them do what they feel works for them.
  15. Personally I would be majorly pissed if all my SLURL's on each listing were auto-updated if I changed the 'main' SLURL in my store info... I've spent hours putting SLURLS to the exact location of my products. So, for some of us, it would be "utterly stupid" if the marketplace worked the way you want it to in this respect... Luckily as you know there is a batch edit listing where you can change all the SLURLS of the listings relatively quickly... way quicker than it would take someone to manually redo all their SLURLS they spent time leading straight to the particular product listed in the event a mass SLURL update was made. ^^
  16. Heck yeah... totally agree with you. This also relates to a request (somewhere in the JIRA which no one can comment or vote on anymore) that the sim-state be saved right before the sim is restarted, to minimize these types of losses. It doesn't make sense that this isn't done as a matter of course already. I hope that you will contact the vendors and try to get your items replaced... I feel for you because I am aware that many will not replace or worse, are no longer inworld enough to give proper service. This is one of the big reasons I have been changing my products over to copyable items... you cannot depend on Second Life to take care of no-copy items and it's a big hassle for people to do the legwork to get new copies. People shouldn't have to do that. I totally support inworld notifications!
  17. I received the e-mail but have already converted to DD what feels like ages ago. Thanks for the communication LL, can you please send me communication when someone rates my items? That would be really great.
  18. Oh, awesome you found out what the issue was! Thanks so much for digging. That's great as I was going to miss your add-on. Cheers and thanks for the link!
  19. looks like it indeed might have been the user script i had installed several months back.. i've noticed it updated a few times the last few weeks.. I disabled it and everything appears to work normally. go figure? it's this one: http://userscripts.org/scripts/show/87938 which doesn't show it's been updated recently, so i dunno. it was definitely sending me update notices in my browser. I'll contact the person who wrote the script.
  20. I will check that, thanks... I normally use Firefox and switched over to IE and things seem ok over there... I was going to look into my plugins too, I have one that shows keywords in the listing so I wonder if that could be messing with things (although that seems weird) thanks for the tips, this is driving me bonkers this a.m. ^^
  21. no... something is still funky. i cleared all cache and restarted computer. It's not sticking to the same sorts still >.< For example, i went to another resident's store. Default sort is by relevance. So I changed it to "Newest First." First page looks fine, then when I go to the next page, it's back to relevance again. None of the sort changes are sticking for the additional pages after I change it to something different.
  22. thanks Arwen yeah i think I need to clear my cache up!
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