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    Presumably if we have migration switched off on the old Xstreet our items won't be migrated again at all, right?

    Thank you

    I would like to get this confirmed as well, many people have spent countless hours updating items on SLM and don't want a new/re-final migration to overwrite all the changes.. I have switched off my "migration" setting just now.  Many of us were assuming back in... October or so that the item migrations were complete, and never looked back.


    Here is a Jira I just created with some ideas for multiple permissions editing within inventory.


    Thank you Medhue! Voted.

    I also discovered this JIRA https://jira.secondlife.com/browse/VWR-21192  wherein a Linden states the current behavior is not intended and assigned it to the "Avatar" team... the ticket links to something called EXT-3008 - perhaps that's an internal JIRA? i don't know... but I hope they will fix this soon.

    P.S. I noticed all the tickets in the release notes were "SNOW" related... is that where tickets need to go to get truly recognized and acted upon in a timely manner?  This particular issue has existed since the release, and these tickets have not been addressed since sometime in September.

    I also made a JIRA for the "left click to buy overriding default left click behavior" problem, in case one didn't exist already: https://jira.secondlife.com/browse/VWR-24118

  3. (sorry for the long post)

    Hi Jack, I'm happy to say I tried out V2 beta 4 the other day and I didn't run away in frustration and disgust! And even found some new things I hadn't noticed before and like. But it will still be awhile before I will be able to abandon Imprudence for V2.

    My 3 big annoyances that make V2 hard to use as a content creator (perhaps someone can point me to existing JIRAs to vote for these, if not, I will create them):

    1) My biggest complaint is that I cannot view multiple/tabbed "Properties" windows in order to change multiple permissions of animations, scripts, or notecards from within my inventory or from within objects.  I understand that disabling this feature for Objects might be a good idea, since perms of objects you can REZ don't change until they are rezzed and often contain items inside whose permissions don't get changed.  However, for Scripts, Animations, Notecards, and other non-rezzable items, the current choices are not sufficient:  a)change perms manually in inventory by opening the properties window for each, one by one (try doing that for 100 animations you just bought! or  b) rez the items into a box and change them with bulk permissions, then rez back to inventory.

    These are okay for workarounds, but I believe the 'multiple tabbed properties windows' functionality is needed again because the "bulk permissions" feature just doesn't cut it for all things...

    If you care about content creators, especially those selling  animations or scripts with full or copy/trans permissions, this functionality should be seriously considered for V2. The "Bulk Permission" feature just doesn't work for every instance where a user wants to change permissions of several items in on sitting (I would much rather be able to select a range of items from within inventory, before ever putting them into an object inworld, and go through the tabbed properties window, and check each one manually. I would like to be able to double check permissions on things already in the contents of a box without having to view each property window separately (I do this kind of thing constantly and I'm sure other creators of builds with scripts and animations from 3rd parties do the same!) This is just kinda impossible in V2, so it seems, without a bunch of extra work.

    PLEASE allow me to have those multiple/tabbed property windows open from Inventory and from within Contents of items, so I can keep double and triple checking my permissions like I always have, to avoid releasing items with improper permissions.

    2) When you set a price for an object in V2, the viewer automatically sets your items to "Buy" when touched.  This is really bad behavior, I think, for 2 reasons... first, when you set a price for something, the area where you perform that action is below the selection where you select "click to" behavior, so many people may not realize that the system automatically and silently changed that choice to "buy" when they set their item for sale.. Secondly, this may really disable the features of some products (for instance I have many items that are click to Sit, or require a click to bring up a scripted feature...  if I don't realize the setting has changed from "Click to Sit" to "Click to Buy," that ruins the functionality of my item for no good reason.  Please let the creator of the box choose their own "Click to.." setting, please do NOT override the default behavior (touch) with "click to buy," Do not let the viewer decide what the user wants for their automatic "Click to.." behavior

    3) Inventory Sorting is still apparently broken... but I know you guys are working on it.

    p.s. I think if I were a new user to SL, I would be really annoyed that when I start up SL for the first time, I get a blast of full volume media/music from wherever I am rezzed. Ick! Hate that!  Just turn it down a little by default please.

    p.p.s. Oh yeah, how about giving us an "Inventory" button selection at the bottom? (doesn't have to be there by default or anything... but I'd like to have it.

    Other thoughts/not complaints, just thoughts... I tried looking for some events... the events section looks pretty ugly... it's that dark green link on dark background.. with events in bold and in that bright green font so I have trouble even reading it...  I so prefer the older version...

    Will we ever be able to have our own color schemes/skins in the viewer?


  4. based on all the comments I think I'll wait a few more releases before inviting v2 back into my life. I was die hard LL viewer for my first 2.5 years as a resident.. so it's not that I don't want to use an official viewer... but based on all the bugs and missing functionality.. i have no choice.

    I'm used to the 1.23 bugs, Imprudence adds some great features, so, I'll just stick with that... thanks for trying though, better luck next time...  I'm sure there are many many many residents like me, who aren't going to want to use v2 until we are forced.


    Reduced sim stalls on teleports? Not in my sim. CONSTANTLY seeing huge lag spikes everytime someone TPs in/out or crosses the sim border in/out. Better check your facts there.

    Yes, this is definitely the Mono Bug that LL claims to have been working on for the last year and a half. If they are working on it, well.... fix it! It continues to kill my sim every time someone with a bunch of junk tp's in, or out, and this happens all day long. Fix the Mono Bug Please LL!!


    "TPVs can  afford to try partial solutions and see what sticks because they usually  address an advanced use case. They can ship buggy, incremental work  because their customers know that's what to expect. Our official  solutions need to be complete and suitable for all users, including  newcomers."

    This is just really ironic right here. What do you call all the v2 releases thus far, as well as the SL Marketplace? Buggy, incremental, incomplete, unsuitable. :=(

    A:  What I really want to do here is help the Lab figure out what the “X  Factor” is going to be for Second Life


    Sindy Tsure  says: That's actually pretty easy. Just make the product work and quit messing with your customers.

    Twice since I've been here LL has raised the monthly fee of their most popular product by over 50%. Sim performance at busy places has been horrible, HORRIBLE for +18 months. Service is nearly non-existent nowdays. Zindra. Forums. M.

    No other company could do so much to alienate nearly all of their existing customers and still be alive and kicking.

    Make stuff work, don't treat customers like dirt and SL will start to grow by huge numbers again.

    There was a LL survey a few months ago that asked if we would encourage our RL friends/family/work to spend money in SL. Dig the survey results up and see for yourself that you've already got the "X factor".



  8. Dear Q, in no way do I consider viewer 1.23 to be the "best viewer." However, it works for me because it allows me to complete my tasks in a MUCH more efficient manner than V2.  This is of course due to being so accustomed to the viewer, but it's also because of the issues V2 has with multitasking. V2 has located all the "important stuff" that I used to be able to open up 3-8 windows of if I wanted to.  Sure it's overwhelming... that's part of the draw of SL: that you can do MORE, you have MORE control, you have MORE freedom.  It's a practice in learning how to deal with overstimulation...  For many of us, V2 took away that "more," and that's why we're still using 1.23 or a TPV... we can handle it =)  V2 feels like a chokechain.  LL already has said that V2 isn't appropriate yet for power users.. so your comment about 'less options' was easily misread.  Many of us just want the functionality that already existed.

    And why won't I use V2 at this moment?  Because if I do, I'm going to lose almost ALL my 1.23 settings, including my LOG SETTINGS which are extremely important for any halfway decent businessperson in SL, and I refuse to use V2 until it lets me log back into 1.23 without resetting settings which I may or may not remember to reset every time I switch before I end up losing hours/days worth of IM logs that contain important business information.

    Just tell me where to put this request for V2 to not trash all my preferences in 1.23, make it easier for us power users to 'dip our toes in' without fearing Every Single Time that if we log in with 1.23 again, we'll be punished by having our preferences trashed (again, really important ones! like chat/im logging!)  Don't give b.s. about creating another user in windows, etc etc... fast easy fun, remember? I could maybe learn to deal with the rest... but this is keeping me from even thinking about it.

    If LL has designed a whole new viewer in large part because people with no creativity or sense of adventure abandon the game after learning there isn't some 'score' to be achieved or easy money to be made, then why won't you make it easier for your existing, core, paying, dedicated, committed, present, engaged, devoted, frustrated users to switch between the two viewers, allowing us to experiment with V2 without the negative side effects?

    At this point, that's one of the major hurdles keeping me from even getting near it; I've been burned enough.  I have work to do and like you, I take my work and this environment very seriously.

    It's sad that most of the public "conversations" slip into insults and posturing... =(   It's also sad that you're missing out on a lot of input because many users simply refuse to use V2 at this time.

    That said, I'm interested in attending your Office Hours... what are they again?

    p.s. if this preferences/cache issue is fixed, hope you will make a blog announcement, or if you did fix it, wow i'd like to know =)

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