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  1. I have made a couple I would be willing to pass these to you inworld later today if you like. Free of charge ofc! Also welcome to SL!!! P.S. you can send me an inworld message or add me if you like
  2. Good question...I will have to research it a bit when I get home :matte-motes-nerdy:
  3. ^Like!!!!! I know that government workers are entitled to their own 8-5 m-f day job...but couldn't they have them open later so they can be open when the rest of the world gets off? So I don't have to leave work early to make it to the post office before 5...
  4. I came across this article...Thought it was pretty interesting, but we know it will hopefully never happen. http://feedproxy.google.com/~r/BHVG/~3/PLlH1k5wEoQ/
  5. Some times this happens to me aswell, I just hit Ctrl Alt R all at the same time...sometimes that works...other times I do have to "ruth" myself with a character test.
  6. You mean to tell me, that we have hit that level of laziness?
  7. I might just fit your bill! I feel I am cool, I like beaches, clubs, shopping, taking photos and editing (just found out getting a drawing tablet for xmas!) I just turned 27 (and kinda fearing getting any older ) I know what an AO is and it is one of the first things I help a newb find! I have held the same AO from Oracle for well over a year...only as I haven't found one I like better. Feel free to shoot me a message or inworld IM! Always looking for new bffs!
  8. Well, I shall ask...what is it? :matte-motes-grin:
  9. Nah, I need no bed in SL...I post up in a tent and sleeping bag :matte-motes-big-grin:
  10. That is actually pretty clever...But I am sure this is a violation somehow...sending unsolicited messages to unsuspecting residents...I have chatted up a couple of bot's in my time here, cannot recall Hal individually...but who knows maybe he had a bot alt somewhere I spoke to once
  11. Personally, those people make me laugh..and I have this exact quote for my rebuttle... "This is a disclaimer to void your ToS disclaimer whether you read it or not. And if you try to void my disclaimer of your disclaimer, then I void your disclaimer voiding my disclaimer voiding your disclaimer. I further make it impossible for your disclaimer of my disclaimer to void your disclaimer able to void my disclaimer. I am clearly stating that you do not have my permission to disclose any chat or voice conversations involving me without my prior consent.* Disclaimer valid even if you have read but not necessarily understood said disclaimer."
  12. I would love to find that! So I can talk to the person who created it...I wasn't bothered, but I would like to know how my avi's name was collected to be part of the conversation.
  13. Well it wasn't from an actual group..it was like a group conversations, i.e. highlight one friend and shift to the bottom so that all the avatars friends are included...it was like a forced group conversation, but no actual group. I didn't mind, as I had time to spare It seemed that all the convos they were having with the other residents were different than mine as well...
  14. I would check the creator of the shoes you received. If they are not from the person you know makes them, I would inform the creator and delete the items. If it is from the original creator, I would contact them via PM or NC and ask if maybe they made a delivery mistake, and sent them to you by accident! I wouldn't delete them until you speak to the creator, as if they are real, and it was their honest mistake, you have new shoes...(If it is from the original creator, and you keep them, maybe toss them some l$)
  15. So last night, hanging on my piece of land with some friends, I get the most random group IM I have ever received...It was from a "bot" named Hal...He started a group chat, which included some residents I know, some that I don't...Anyways...I have never seen this bot before, never been contacted by him before. The bot, was half concious (if that makes sense) I would type something in the group chat, then somehow, it would ask me why I asked that in the group chat? Odd. It seemed half intellegent, so I kept on with it (it wasn't too bothersome to me, pretty entertaining seeing as half the stuff was gibberish) Any ways, I was wondering...anyone else get this rando IM? I have no idea how it concocted the residents it chose to speak to...but I was one of the two people, out of the 6 that were with me, that got these IM's.
  16. I need to log in to pass you a few landmarks I have came across...Mon.tissu is good, pinkly nylon makes good hipster stuff. Kind of depends on what level you are looking for. Shoot me an inworld message and we can go shopping
  17. Daria, I have always loved reading your posts and replies. They are straightforward answers and sometimes down right funny! I came accross a similar situation awhile ago with another friend of mine...Let this person waste their time on the AR report lol. I don't see you as offensive though, just being honest! Oh and they have bacon everything! Bacon soap, ice cream, band-aids! Bacon is the new sliced bread..hahaha
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