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  1. Thanks for the replies guys! And, Thinkerer, I followed those steps and it actually worked! Thanks you
  2. Hi! I think it's a great idea that the viewer updates automatically, but please make sure the installation actually works!... Ever since the new update was released I've been trying and trying to correctly install it, but the same error always occurs: Error opening file for writing: C:\Program files(x86)\Secondlifeviewer2\llplugin\imageformats\qtiff4.dll This is only the first file that seems to have a problem, mostly all the next files seem to be corrupted. I've completely uninstalled SL over and over again. I've downloaded the installation file over and over again. And yet I always get the
  3. I think I'm still on time to stop the cancelation. It said it would be done tomorrow. What can I do?
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